Music Tuesdays - List of Demands by Saul Williams

This song is a bit older but I enjoy it... it's also on the soundtrack for NBA 2k10 which reminded me of its existence. Anyone have music suggestions? I'm terrrrrible at finding music. I found last week's music by hearing her on Conan one night.

By the way, with the terminus of the Niners' season at hand I move to transition Tuesday Morning Crabtree Watch to Music Tuesdays. If I were really talented I'd do a mash up of our song selections and overlay it to the video of the Crabtree Shuffle for FIWK Meta-Tuesdays. But I am not talented.


  1. I like that song significantly more than any of the selections from last week (except, of course, for my own selections).

    A music in general related question (and really not trying to start a discussion based on this song...): How often do you listen to the lyrics with the intent of trying to figure out the message? Like analyzing a poem. I rarely do so, even for songs for which I have memorized the lyrics to sing along, I still care significantly more about the music than the lyrics.

  2. ohhhhhh you got a good one this time. I LOVE Saul Williams! Actually, I love his writing, and this is the only song of his that I like. His writing is absolutely genius and amazing. I can't compete with this one Royce.

  3. Thank you for the big ups, Saul appears to be unpopular in general with the crowd but I think he's quite good

    I completely am with you as far as listening for music MUCH more than lyrical content. Although a rare few songs are pretty great lyrically and I do break those down like a poem (which incidentally was one of my favorite things to do as an English Lit major). Saul Williams is one such exception and I consider him a notable writer, and the song itself is enjoyable too.

    My favorite type of song is one whose music evokes a particular type of mood - for instance, Gravity Rides Everything by Modest Mouse evokes one type of interesting mood, while #41 (acoustic) by Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds evokes quite another mood but does so equally as well.

  4. A number of comments:

    (1) Wasn't this in a Nike commercial a few years back?

    (2) Good song: 4/5 happy faces. I'm far from a competent critic, but I'm really enjoying Williams' voice over top the somewhat monotonous underlying beat.

    (3) I'm in your boat Aaron - I rarely, if ever, will focus on the message of song. I'll be able to hum along to most songs after one listen, but know the lyrics until multiple, repeated listens. Part of me thinks this is a left-vs-right brain issue. Those of us who are more "left-brained" are more likely to pick up, and key into, the musical features of any song, while the "right-brainers" out there may be more tuned into the context/message of a song. For example, I had to do find the lyrics and read through them to understand the message of Williams' song: the need for social change with strong allusions (is that a bit of an oxymoron?) to slavery and civil rights (the final line of the 3rd verse: "Call up a truce! 'cause I'm about to bust loose. Protect ya neck,'cause, son, I'm breaking out of my noose.")

  5. As far as left vs. right brain, Scott - I have heard that girls are much more likely to go straight for lyrics while guys are much more likely to go straight for music. Girls, is this true?

    As far as Williams' lyrics, I've seen the full title of the song listed as "List of Demands (Reparations)"

  6. Interesting note Royce - any links to studies, or is this a "I've heard in passing" type deal? I can't believe this to be true, but if it is, does it point to some hormonal deal since there isn't much outside of our hormones that differentiates man vs. woman (great!! reader inputs in that link, btw). Or, are you suggesting that it's more of a nurture deal that leads women to lyrics and men to music?