Music Tuesdays - Just Like Heaven cover by the Watson Twins

Despite what I said in the Music Tuesday featuring Links, this song is one I really like. Two things about my music taste - I'm a big fan of song covers and I'm a sucker for female singers. Check and check.


  1. Honorable mention this week goes to Ke$ha (the $ really puts her over the top) for her song Tik Tok, which is probably the best song of the millennium. I mean how can you beat this:

    "Everybody getting crunk
    The boys wanna touch my junk
    I slap em if they get too drunk"

    That's genius at work. That would've been the Music Tuesday song this week except it's the most popular song in the country right now so it doesn't need the FIWK hype machine to catapult it to stardom, like we do to all the other things we write about.

  2. Apparently YouTube also does something called Music Tuesday - once again FIWK is setting the trend

  3. Nope...I appreciated what sounded like an actual piano instead of a keyboard...but I was bored by the song and I can't think of any other way to describe it or my feelings towards it.

  4. As for Tik Tok...I liked that significantly more. Royce got another five song grace period. And yes, I have heard it before.

  5. I could not have identified that song, but the Cure version did sound familiar...I'm ok with it, not great. It was still better than the Watson Twins.

    I want to say that in general, I am not a fan of acoustic versions. It's not a hard rule, more of a guideline, but here is an acoustic version I really like.

  6. I think I made a horrible mistake with the above lyrics - it should be "Errbody gettin crunk", not "everybody". As in, 'Errbody in the club gettin tipsy'

    Aaron, you and I have basically opposite musical taste it seems. Almost without exception I enjoy an acoustic song over a fully produced one; two acoustic guitars and vocals are the pinnacle for me, which explains why I have unbridled love for Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds and their acoustic works.

    For example, here's a song I really like (which you may know) with an acoustic version that I love even more than the original