Who is more likely to enjoy Classical music?

So, it's pretty clear that Royce and I are pretty far apart in our tastes in music. Without any sound, you can tell he probably likes whatever the guy on the right is playing, while I prefer the group on the left. Now, I'm going to argue that songs played acoustically tend to emphasize the singer and the lyrics, while rock bands with electric guitars will focus on the music/harmony/melody and will even go into extended guitar/bass/drum solos just to hear more of the music some of these musicians are capable of. I'm going to further argue that Mr. Acoustic is more likely to enjoy a poem, being lyrics with no music, and Mr. Rock is more likely to enjoy Classical music...all melody, no lyrics. (Especially when it includes cannons or explosions)

You see what I did right there?!? BAM!!

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  1. Aaron, when you wrote we are far apart in musical tastes I feel you should have provided a link to our previous discussion on the subject.

    I think I generally agree with you that acoustic songs do emphasize singing a lot more than non-acoustic versions. But that's not to say the music/melody isn't emphasized. For instance in this classic acoustic version of Lie In Our Graves by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds (you are completely right with the above pic, yes) harmony between the two guitars is incredibly important. Starting at the 2:30 mark of the video you can see that the acoustic melody is in fact the only focus of the song. And I completely love it. So I'd say you are partially right. That is halfway to being classical music, just with guitars.