Parallel Parking for Nicole is Better

In honor of our new SF friend, Nicole/More is Better, I figured I'd show her our to parallel park:

2 Notes:
  1. You'll never find a spot with "an extra 5 feet of space" in SF; change this phrase to "an extra 5 inches of space".
  2. Hills make parallel parking more entertaining - if not for the driver, for those watching the driver.

If confused, you should definitely not take lessons from this person, nor this fellow SF-er.


  1. I think any post of ours discussing parking must include this and this.

  2. I'm convinced anything set to The Hamster Dance is entertaining.

  3. That girl's perpetually upbeat attitude borders on disturbing

    Also how come they're parallel parking ACROSS the striped parking lot lines? Parking fail

  4. This gives me hives. I am parking challenged. Someone needs to just steal my car already.

  5. You could always use that blogger money you're getting from Toy With Me for a new Lexus that parks itself.