Ambidexterity - WTF?

Apparently, the ability to be ambidextrous is something that can be learned. Who knew? I tried to brush my teeth left-handed last night; it didn't work, and that was with an electric toothbrush purchased through the randomly awesome site known as Woot (yes, I linked to Woot for no apparent reason; live with it).

So, I ask you - is there any task out there in which you'd consider yourself ambidextrous?


  1. The one thing in which I'm truly ambidextrous is throwing a frisbee. For some reason I learned to throw a frisbee with my left hand while picking up everything else as a right-hander. Over the course of the years, I've learned how to throw the frisbee with my right hand as well.

    Other than this, my left hand is rather useless

  2. In general my left hand is useless as well... off the top of my head, here are a few things I can do just as well (or as poor) with my left hand as my right hand...

    I can snap my fingers with either hand. I can type. Catch (although this comes from playing baseball and wearing a glove on your left, does this count?). (And actually, I type with both hands, so that may not count either...ok, so I can snap...I'll just leave it at that.)

  3. Well, this is interesting because I snowboard goofy (right foot leading forward) which is traditionally for left-handed people and less popular than riding regular (left food forward). My track coach in high school used to tell me I set up my blocks like I was left-handed. I don't know why but somehow the way our feet work can be connected to our hands.

    Another way I can be ambidextrous is that I'm better at snapping with my left hand, versus my right hand (and I'm right handed). Hmm...ALL of that might be random, but I like to think I'm um, special :)

  4. Ah yes - I can snap just as well with my left as my right; good one!

    It's very awkward to argue left-handed vs. right-handed when it comes to activities that involve both hands doing separate things. Using your example, I sure as hell can catch a baseball better with my left than my right, but I can catch a random tennis ball better with my right. Imagine playing a video game with the controller reversed - you'd be screwed, no?

    It's also hard to determine what's ambidextrous when both hands are involved doing the same thing - for example, typing (or, playing the piano). The hands are doing different things, yet must act together to produce a whole.

    Realizing how arbitrary this all is hurts my head; for example, in swinging a baseball bat, how did we determine that by standing with your left facing the pitcher is a right-handed stance? Same with swinging a hockey stick? I feel like we're screwing our society over by not having left-handers: either we're stunting our personal growth by not developing both sides equally, or we're stunting our society's growth by not developing enough left-handers.

    I think I'm gonna force my kids to be left-handed.

  5. computer mousing!

    I hurt my right hand and had to use my left for awhile- now I can double click ambidextrously.

    Amazing. I know.

  6. Grace I'm goofy footed too! *air five*

    I play pool completely left-handed for no good reason. I just started playing that way.

    I completely agree that ambidexterity is totally learned, because when I started playing basketball I would practice a totally new move (say, an inside-out dribble) with my left hand first instead of my right, and a week later my right-hand would feel dumb while my left would be good. Where as if I try to swing a golf club left-handed right now it feels ridiculous while right-handed is fine.

  7. I play mini-golf ambidexterously! (not sure if that's a word)

    I'm right-handed, but depending on all the obstacles in the way I'll choose which angle to stand and which arm to be dominant.

    Sometimes my left-handed shots are even better than the right-handed ones.

  8. ...but otherwise my left hand is pretty useless...

  9. Question - what would be the most useful activity to be ambidextrous at? (get your mind out of the gutter, MP)

    I might vote baseball cause you make a career out of being a specifically left-handed hitter or pitcher... what else?

  10. By the way, the photo you chose for this post disturbs the hell out of me. It's even worse than this Mexican condom mascot that Aaron found today

  11. That was actually supposed to be a "bullet"...but I see how the resevoir tip could be misleading...