Music Tuesdays - The Mother We Share by Chvrches

I don't know a ton about Chvrches, but I do know that they are from Glasgow, which is a cool city.

Music Tuesdays - Hearts Like Ours by The Naked and Famous

Speaking of New Zealand bands, The Naked and Famous have a new song out.  This is from their new album which will apparently release in September.  They are really good at creating a soaring pop chorus, much like their previous hits.  I also have absolutely no clue what is happening in this video; it kind of perturbs me.

Music Tuesdays - Royals by Lorde

This song by a New Zealand teenager is currently tearing up the radio.  I enjoy the song, and I'm a MASSIVE fan of this video.  I'm guessing it's set in New Zealand (Auckland, where Lorde is from?), but it could be any suburb full of monotonous teenage life.

The shot at 2:00, of the kid just staring up at a dilapidated basketball net, slays me.  Really every image of non-glamour is gorgeously framed.  Captures the spirit of the song perfectly.

By the way - between Lorde, the Naked and Famous, and Kimbra, are we seeing something of a New Zealand music invasion?  That seems like a solid number of hit bands for a relatively small country.  NZ is punching above their weight in the music world at the moment.

Music Tuesdays on Friday - Dreaming by Smallpools

I am thoroughly enjoying this song lately.  I agree with the YouTube commenters that it has kind of a Passion Pit or Temper Trap vibe to it.