Music Tuesdays - Sleepwalking by The Chain Gang of 1974

This song appeared in Grand Theft Auto 5, and has been getting some radio play lately.  I really enjoy the sound - reminds me of Depeche Mode crossed with M83.

NFL Week 17: Who is playing for something?


Underdog Final
Carolina X vs
@Atlanta 6.5
@Cincinnati X vs
Baltimore 6
@Tennessee X vs
Houston 7
@Indianapolis X vs
Jacksonville 11.5
@Miami X vs
New York (NYJ) 6
vs X Detroit 3
@New York (NYG)
vs X Washington 3.5
vs X Cleveland 7
Green Bay
vs X @Chicago 3
vs X @Oakland 12.5
@New England X vs
Buffalo 9.5
@New Orleans
vs X Tampa Bay 12.5
vs X San Francisco 0
@San Diego
vs X Kansas City 9.5
@Seattle X vs
St. Louis 10.5
vs X @Dallas 6.5

College Football: Pac-12 Dominance?

The 2013-2014 college football season is coming to a close; that means it's bowl season. The biggest story, according to the mainstream media, is that this is the final year of the much-debated BCS (aka Bowl Championship Series). However, I'm here to bring to your attention to something new I just uncovered: the Pac-12 is favored in each of it's 9 bowl games. This, even though we only have 7 bowl-commitments.

So, to recap: 75% of the conference is in a bowl game (28% above our commitment rate), and each of those teams is favored against it's opponent. Yes, I think that counts as dominance.

NFL Week 15: Go Chargers!!


vs  X San Diego 10.5
vs  X Washington 7
vs  X Chicago 0
@Indianapolis X vs 
Houston 5.5
New England
vs  X @Miami 1.5
vs  X @Minnesota 4.5
Seattle X vs 
@New York (NYG) 7
San Francisco X vs 
@Tampa Bay 5.5
Buffalo X vs 
@Jacksonville 2
Kansas City X vs 
@Oakland 4.5
@Carolina X vs 
New York (NYJ) 11
@Dallas X vs 
Green Bay Off (0)
vs  X @Tennessee 2.5
New Orleans
vs  X @St. Louis 6
Cincinnati X vs 
@Pittsburgh 2.5
vs  X Baltimore 6

NFL Week 14


Houston X vs 
@Jacksonville 3
@Cincinnati X vs 
Indianapolis 6.5
@Green Bay X vs 
Atlanta Off (0)
@New England X vs 
Cleveland Off (0)
@New York (NYJ)
vs  X Oakland 2.5
vs  X Detroit 2.5
vs  X Miami 3
@Tampa Bay
vs  X Buffalo 2.5
Kansas City X vs 
@Washington 3
@Baltimore X vs 
Minnesota 6.5
vs  X Tennessee 12
vs  X St. Louis 6.5
@San Diego X vs 
New York (NYG) 3
@San Francisco
vs  X Seattle 2.5
@New Orleans
vs  X Carolina 3
@Chicago X vs 
Dallas 1

Music Tuesdays - Take Me Home by Poolside

I enjoy the trance-like qualities of most Poolside songs.  Put this song on in the background as you do something, and it has a good chance of overcoming you and seeping into your subconscious.