Music Tuesdays - Drive By by Train

This is the next song in the series of "songs to which I dance with my daughter before bath and bed time". I also kind of like the confusion coming from the song title being "Drive By".

Your guide to filling out the bracket without knowing the teams.

So I started planning out my go-to bracket picking strategies. Things like, picking your Final Four first, picking at least one and probably two 1 seeds to make it and not picking any team lower than a 4 seed. When I like the teams, I really try to pick a 1,1,2,(3 or 4), with the 1 seeds on the same side of the bracket. As I was mentally planning what to write, it all sounded really familiar. That's because I laid out most of my ground rules last year. So instead of rehashing it all, just go back and read what I wrote last year. Come back next week and I'll give some thoughts for the actual teams. And my analysis this year will be much better because I won't be biased by the presence of UCLA. :(

Music Tuesdays - When My Train Pulls In by Gary Clark Jr

That is a rocking performance (thanks to KCRW for recording it). Actually what would you say: is this more rock, more blues, or just bluesy rock?