FIWK the NBA - Outperformers vs. Underperformers

It's NBA mid season recap time!  Who has destroyed expectations?  Who has destroyed fantasy seasons?  Let's investigate.  (Spoiler: I am going to say LARRY SANDERS! a lot.)


Music Tuesdays - One Day (Reckoning Song) (Remix) by Asaf Avidan

This song is weird but haunting, and I kind of like it.  I have no idea what's happening in the music video but I kind of like that too.  The androgynous singing (not unlike Tune-Yards), unusual vibe and persistent beat of this song definitely got into my head.

Music - Try by Pink

I've been listening to this song on the radio quite a bit and enjoying it.  Then I went to YouTube to hear the song at my office and actually watched the video.  I was genuinely impressed by Pink's dancing.  She looks like a classically trained dancer and it was totally unexpected.  Even more impressive than that guy's abs.

Music Tuesdays - I'm On Fire by Shakey Graves

I just heard some songs by Shakey Graves recently, and I enjoy the minimalist, haunting, folk style.  He is another artist out of Austin, just like Gary Clark Jr. is, although their styles are quite different.

I predict Aaron will hate this song.

Music Tuesdays - Jack White at the Grammys

Jack White Grammy Awards 2013 (2) by dm_511f5e89b0eac
Another live performance on the FIWK music blog.  This one is from the weekend's Grammys - I thought Jack White absolutely rocked it.  We are generally fans of Jack White here at the blog, but this is probably my favorite version of him... as the immortal MP put it, this is the old school, ass-kicking, hillbilly rock vibe at its best.

Music Tuesdays - Closer by Tegan and Sara (live)

I'm going with a live performance I saw recently on Jimmy Kimmel because I thought Tegan and Sara killed it.  I find this interesting because Tegan and Sara have been popular indie artists for a long time and have enjoyed a lot of success, including a collaboration with Scott's boy Tiesto.  With the new record they have a stronger pop sound, similar to some of their previous collaborations, and are getting play on a lot of major radio stations (at least in LA).  I also enjoy the 80s dance vibe in the song.

NFL 2012: Super Bowl

This is what it all comes down to.  The whole enchilada.  The supreme burrito.  The crepe de points.  The winners are forever immortalized as the greatest players ever and the losers might as well retire.  I mean, after this game either Colin Kaepernick or Joe Flacco will be identical to Peyton Manning and the loser will basically be Rex Grossman, because Super Bowl victories are the only thing that matters, right?

The biggest problem for me coming Sunday is I don't know where my emotions will lie.  In the past, my emotions align with my picks pretty well.  But this Sunday, I will be watching the game with a large number of people, and (n-2)/n% will be 49ers fans.  [That is, only me and my daughter aren't 49ers fans...(shut up Scott, I won't be having any of that.)]  And I know that I would probably have a good time aligning my rooting interest with the rest of the room.  I mean, I have no problem going totally contrarian and being the only guy cheering when the rest of the room is groaning...and maybe I can get some good odds on the Ravens by a die hard 49ers fan...but I don't know if that will actually happen.  Mostly because this game is so close that I really won't be confident in my pick either way.  A couple weeks ago, I picked the Falcons confidently and looked to be in good shape when the score was 17-0, and as the game wound down, my emotions really did side with the Falcons +4.  But I know my smallest $ pick is going to be one of the teams against the spread.