Coachella Week on FIWK - Bright Lights by Gary Clark Jr

To commemorate a the two weekends of Coachella beginning today, we're going to throw up a bunch of songs by artists playing Coachella. We also featured most of them on FIWK already at some point. You may remember another song, When My Train Pulls in by Gary Clark Jr, from a few weeks back. Love this guy.


  1. On a related note, what bands would you most want to see out of this Coachella lineup? I would want to see Dre and Snoop, Radiohead, and all the other big names ones of course. I think Gary Clark Jr. would be on the top of my less well known acts list, because I haven't seen shows for him in LA really. Right after that would be Bon Iver.

    Anyone else got any dream acts from this week? Scott, I know you're going to an EDM thing sometime soon, any bands at Coachella you would want to see?

  2. Yes, I'm off to EDC (in June), which will be insane. Among the EDM groups I haven't seen, the ones I'm most bummed about missing are Justice, Kaskade, Nero, and Flux Pavillion (among those I've seen, would love to see Avicii, Madeon, and Calvin Harris again).

    Also would love to see Dre and Snoop (along with the rest of the group they're bringing, Gotye, the Black Keys, and even Florence and the Machine.