Weekend Bonus Music - Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club

I could have sworn this was already featured on a Music Tuesday, but apparently not, a fact of which I am ashamed.  So here you are.  Just a solid jam.

NFL 2012 Week 17: We're resting our starters here too.

Not our actual starter, because that would mean Royce or Scott would have to step up, and there's no way that's happening.  So I'm resting my metaphorical starter.  I got some good response from my disgruntled style last week, but I know if I try to recreate that, I'm doomed for failure.  Sometimes I wonder what it would have taken for this blog to take off.  I think the two biggest problems are that the other bloggers we talk to don't care about sports, and we don't show pictures of cheerleaders, WAGs, etc.  To get more outsiders to read my thoughts on football, I either need to show more cleavage or become Bill Simmons.  Seriously, one of the heaviest trafficked (trafficed? red squiggly line says trafficked, just doesn't feel right) NFL blog posts was one where I accidentally chose a picture of a nipple slip of an attractive Chargers fan.  Don't worry, I don't really have any hope either.

This week I will be relying heavily on this simple list of bullet points for my narrative, but my picks will be blindly following my tried-and-maybe-[probably?] method I've used all year, except for the weeks I didn't use it.  And you can bet your hindquarters I'll be using Yahoo's Off(0)...just not for the $ picks.

NFL Week 16: I don't wanna

It's the Friday before a four day Christmas weekend.  The Chargers were officially eliminated with their (what's a worse word than lackluster..embarrassing? humiliating? shaming?) humiliating performance against the Panthers last week.  I didn't even bother calculating the Pythagorean winning % (and it only takes me about five minutes to paste everything into my proprietary Excel spreadsheet).  I'm just going to Football Outsiders picks this week.

Music Tuesdays - Nothing Arrived by Villagers

The Villagers are an Irish band apparently, and this reminds me a bit of the Tom Odell song from the previous Music Tuesday.

NFL Week 15: 0.6%

0.6%.  With the Bengals victory over the Eagles, the odds of the Chargers making the playoffs dropped from 1.5% to 0.6%.  I know, I can't help myself.  If the Chargers win out, the Steelers lose this weekend, then beat the Bengals, then lose week 17, and the Bengals lose their last two games, and the Dolphins, Jets, and Browns don't do anything crazy, the Chargers could still get the 6th seed.  Just kill me now.

NFL Week 14: At it again

So last week I had mentally acknowledged that the Chargers weren't going to the playoffs.  I had come to peace with that.  Then at about 3pm on Sunday, I was sitting in BJ's and they showed a graphic of the playoff situation.  At the time the Ravens were leading the Steelers and the Chargers were leading the Bengals.  If both games held serve, the Chargers would be 5-7, tied with the Jets, Bills and Dolphins and only one game behind the now 6-6 Steelers and Bengals.  And by closing out the Bengals and beating the Roethlisberger-less Steelers the following week, the Chargers would have two very important tiebreakers in the fight for the last AFC playoff spot.  DAMMIT CHARGERS!!  In that, that's been their M.O. this season.  Getting your hopes up before dashing them quite expertly.  The Chargers have led at half time in 9 of their 12 games this season.  75%.  In the three games they trailed at the half, they lost.  In the nine games they led at the half, they have gone 4-5.  The Chargers don't just lose...the lose from ahead in excruciating fashion.  Technically, they are still not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs AND they still have a positive point differential, placing them well ahead of the 8-4 Colts and the three 5-7 teams in the AFC East.  Come on already!! Put me out of my misery.  Just do it already.  I was going to include a link to a Wire scene there...but I decided not to spoil anything for Royce.