Music Tuesdays - The Dive by Fool's Gold

I love this song. It has a great summer sound; it makes me imagine I'm at a beach barbecue. Sipping a Corona.

Because it was somewhat hard to find an embeddable link to this song, I took to searching blogs for it and found a couple of interesting blogs that had recently featured it. One is called One Sweet Song and covered it in early August; the other is the amusingly titled BlahBlahBlah Science. I encourage checking out both of them for their song recommendations.

BPL or EPL? An American tries to identify fantasy opportunities

Fantasy is fun because it has a blend of random chance (game to game stat volatility) and fan skills (identifying players on upward trends). Keep this in mind and don't overreact to weekly performances, especially early in the season when things are shaking out.

For a fantasy NFL example: In week 2 in the NFL last year, Jason Snelling was a top fantasy rusher and Kevin Walter was a top fantasy receiver. So don't overreact to Ivan Klasnic scoring some goals early on. On the other hand, Darren McFadden and Arian Foster were already putting together consistent running performances. So do keep an eye on Matthew Jarvis and Danny Welbeck. The key is to identify trends and not overreact to outliers. Recap blogs like this are useful.

In Premier Fantasy, it's easier to pick up your favorites (everyone can own every player) but it's costly to whiff on too many gambles (you only get 20 transfers). While Danny Welbeck did have a great game for Man U and looked really good, you have to weigh that performance against the possibility of Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez eating into his playing time. When looking for opportunities, I am looking for players whose playing time is more of a sure thing.

BPL or EPL? An American tries to figure out the other fantasy football

When I hear the term football, I think of NFL football like most Americans. Yet somehow, over the past few years, soccer has crept into my life. I lived with a soccer player; we played FIFA on Xbox. I slowly learned the major teams in the English Premier League, Spain's La Liga, and Italy's Serie A. I adopted Tottenham Hotspur - before Simmons did - because of their name's reference to a historical figure and Shakespeare character (I'm a Shakespeare nerd). I started learning rosters and key players. I enjoyed the relegation drama.

To learn more, I think it's time to go even deeper. To really know the contours of the Premier League, it's necessary to do for the other football what we all do for American football - join a fantasy league. This will be one U.S. idiot's endeavor to do just that.

Tech Thursday: Nobelist Harold Kroto on 60 Second Science

In a recent episode of Scientific American's "60 Second Science" podcast, Nobel laureate Harold Kroto is quoted on the importance of each individual finding the evidence to support the facts they believe, rather than believe what they're told.

This seems self-evident, but think of his example - do you know the actual evidence behind the Copernican claim that the Earth orbits the sun? How to prove it given the astronomical facts? I sure don't. A very simple, thought-provoking mental exercise.

Music Tuesdays - Some Are Lakes by Land of Talk

This is another song by Land of Talk. It actually came from the album before "Cloak and Cipher". Big fan.

Which photo is better? Korean War Memorial

I guess this is the dilemma I had in mind when creating this new segment. These are both photos of the Korean War Memorial in Washington D.C. Both are very similar photos of the same subject, yet entirely different. We are no longer looking at lighting or shadow or action or landscape vs. portrait. Which do you think is better? I mean, I couldn't even come up with an effective label to distinguish the photos for the poll below.