What the F*WK - Should be Obama Tim

Super quick post, but really wanted to throw this out there: with all that has happened over the past few weeks, I feel that it's time for Obama to prove his worth. After all, didn't we elect him twice to be a global citizen and role-model on behalf of the US? Whatever excuses and reasons for his frustrations over the past 6 years, he should be using the current global situation to rise above the riff raff and be the global leader we thought he was during his Democratic Convention and Berlin speeches.

Music Tuesdays - Lionhearted by Porter Robinson

Really loving this song, and the interesting video for it - but there are a lot of unanswered questions here.  Why does his team of color-shooters turn on him?  How come their guns turn everything else crazy colors, but when they shoot him, he actually dies?  He didn't even get to have crazy colors blood?

Music Tuesdays - Lazaretto by Jack white

This song is from Jack White's new album, which is due out in June.  I like it.