Music Tuesday on a Friday - Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub

This song has been on the radio a lot lately and I really enjoy it.  Will replace this with the music video if and when it appears.

Music Tuesdays - Veranda (Rac remix) by Cillie Barnes

This just started playing on KCRW lately... I didn't know who Cillie Barnes was, but I really enjoy most Rac remixes of songs, and I dig this one.  Great vibe.

Let It Go from Frozen (Idina Menzel)

On Saturday, Violet and I went to go see Frozen. Since walking out of the theater, we have listened to this song approximately 516 times. I love it. It is sung by Idina Menzel, who also plays Elphaba in Wicked and I absolutely love her in Defying Gravity.

NFL 2013: Super Bowl!!

Sometimes this is what the Super Bowl feels like.  Football players wearing suits.  It's a HUGE deal, but not exactly the ideal scenario for anyone.  Too many distractions, too much hoopla.  But you know what?  No one cares.  IT'S THE SUPER BOWL!! This might be America's biggest unofficial holiday, although Cinco de Mayo might take exception to that (and you do not want to piss off someone drunk on tequila).  Wow, this really went off the rails fast.  Where was I? Oh yeah.  THE SUPER BOWL!!  Squares, parties, commercials, media driven hype, prop bets, confetti, Disneyland, half time shows, and a little football mixed in.