NFL 2013 Thanksgiving week


vs  X Green Bay 6
vs  X Oakland 9.5
@Baltimore X vs 
Pittsburgh 2.5
@Cleveland X vs 
Jacksonville 7
vs  X Tennessee 4.5
vs  X Chicago 1
@New York (NYJ)
vs  X Miami 2
vs  X Arizona 3
@Carolina X vs 
Tampa Bay 8.5
New England X vs 
@Houston 7.5
@Buffalo X vs 
Atlanta 3
@San Francisco X vs 
St. Louis 8.5
vs  X @Kansas City 4.5
@San Diego
vs  X Cincinnati 1
New York (NYG)
vs  X @Washington 1.5
@Seattle X vs 
New Orleans 5

FIWK the NFL: Thursday Quick Pick Week 12

New Orleans at ATLANTA -9.5

Atlanta is atrocious & New Orleans is a top-4 team (Seattle, KC, Denver,  & NO in whatever order you like). However, the last 4 games these 2 have played in Atlanta have either been a Falcons win, or a Falcons loss by 3. So, you get the feeling this won't be a Saints blowout. Wait no, it will; Atlanta is atrocious. The Saints cover easily: Saints 35, Falcons 18.

Music Tuesdays - Elevate by St Lucia (live on Kimmel)

I'm a St. Lucia fan in general, and I thoroughly enjoyed this performance of theirs on Kimmel last week.  Strong work by them.

NFL Week 11


Underdog Line
vs  X @Tennessee 3
@Buffalo X vs 
New York (NYJ) 1
@Chicago X vs 
Baltimore 3
@Cincinnati X vs 
Cleveland 5.5
@Philadelphia X vs 
Washington 3.5
Detroit X vs 
@Pittsburgh 2
vs  X @Tampa Bay 1
Arizona X vs 
@Jacksonville 7
vs  X Oakland 7
San Diego X vs 
@Miami 1
@New Orleans X vs 
San Francisco 3
@New York (NYG)
vs  X Green Bay 5
@Seattle X vs 
Minnesota 12
vs  X Kansas City 8.5
@Carolina X vs 
New England 2.5

FIWK the NFL: Thursday Quick Pick Week 11

Indianapolis at TENNESSEE -3.0
It looks like Jake Locker is out for the season, so I have no idea why Tennessee is only getting 3.  Maybe it's because the Colts got their doors absolutely blown off by the Rams last week?  Aaron - do you have an explanation for that?  I still have no idea whatsoever how that happened.  I remain confused but I'm sticking with the Colts to beat the Titans' backup QB.

Music Monday (because if I wait until Tuesday I might forget) - Wake Me Up by Avicii

There's a chance, based on the music video, that this song applies to Royce, Scott and myself.  I wasn't sure that was possible.

FIWK the NFL: Week 10 Picks

I don't have much to say about the lines this week, so I'm just going to highlight those that interest me.  And, sorry Aaron, but a lot of point lines have moved significantly during the week, so I'm going to point those out.

FIWK the NFL: Week 9 Picks

Week 9 picks are in the bag!  How many incorrect 'locks' am I going to decide upon this week...