NFL Week 11


Underdog Line
vs  X @Tennessee 3
@Buffalo X vs 
New York (NYJ) 1
@Chicago X vs 
Baltimore 3
@Cincinnati X vs 
Cleveland 5.5
@Philadelphia X vs 
Washington 3.5
Detroit X vs 
@Pittsburgh 2
vs  X @Tampa Bay 1
Arizona X vs 
@Jacksonville 7
vs  X Oakland 7
San Diego X vs 
@Miami 1
@New Orleans X vs 
San Francisco 3
@New York (NYG)
vs  X Green Bay 5
@Seattle X vs 
Minnesota 12
vs  X Kansas City 8.5
@Carolina X vs 
New England 2.5


  1. $55 on Oakland +7, Kansas City +8.5, Carolina -2.5
    $44 on Green Bay +5, Seattle -12
    $33 on Arizona -7
    $22 on NO -3

  2. Looks like Pryor is out against the Texans and the line jumped to -9 with undrafted rookie Matt McGloin starting. What's our policy on canceling bets? Is it like I'm holding a ticket and that ticket is worth a lot less now? Even if I went the other way and took Texans -9, I could be reverse middle by an 8 point Texans victory...AND pay the vig. Come on McGloin!!

  3. I am thoroughly unimpressed with this week's games. $50 on Cleveland +5.5 and $50 on KC +8.5.

    Aaron I say you just take the line closest to the game in this case. But it's your call, if you want to root for that random-ass middle and lay some $ on Texas -9 be my guest.

  4. Also $100 on SD -1 in Miami, cause what the hell.

  5. Oakland +7 and Texans -9 would be the opposite of a middle. An 8 point Texabs victory would mean I lost both.

  6. Oh, then please do that. That would be HILARIOUS

  7. So I made my picks on Saturday, but had done the analysis and left my notes in the office. Here's what I wrote:
    Car 55, Oak 55, Sea 44, AZ 44, Ten 11, Cin 33, NO 22, KC 55

    Pending tonight that's 5-1-1. I have no idea how I added Green Bay.

  8. Did you just.... did you just change your picks based on a completely self-sourced prior note? I'm not even mad; I'm just impressed.

  9. Grrr - mad I forgot to put in my picks...would have won on Seattle & Oakland.

    And, Aaron, you have to take your first selection as that's how we've always played. I'm sure we've all had bets we won as we took the line posted here, even though the final line ended up moving against our bet...

    Royce, not a good week for you...

    Updated standings here.

  10. So it turns out I'm not good at this. Damn you MP for always beating me! He's so crafty.

  11. Sorry, I thought it was obvious I wast taking my picks in the first comment and not better picks after the fact. I was more commenting on how my picks got worse when I forgot to bring home my note and tried to re-do the analysis in a lot less time.