FIWK The NFL - Week 4 Picks

Nailed the SF -3.0 pick on Thurs night.  Now running through the weekend's games...

FIWK NFL Thursday Pick - Week 4

A quick pick for the Rams vs. Niners game...

San Francisco at ST. LOUIS -3.0
This is a pick based primarily on the concept that the Niners are going to right the ship.  If they lose this game, against what is certainly a decent Rams team, they are going to be in a full-on tailspin.  So this is purely an emotional call on my part - I think they are too good to fall into a crisis this early in the season.

That being said, they have real issues throwing the ball with all the injuries now.  So if they do lose, it's safe to say their expectations for the year are seriously downgraded.  What's your pick?

Quicker NFL Week 3 picks

Favorite Favorite Win
Underdog Win Underdog Final
vs  X Kansas City 3
Green Bay X vs 
@Cincinnati 2.5
vs  X St. Louis 4
vs  X San Diego 3
@Minnesota X vs 
Cleveland 6
@New England X vs 
Tampa Bay 7
@New Orleans X vs 
Arizona 7.5
vs  X Detroit 1.5
vs  X New York (NYG) 1
Houston X vs 
@Baltimore 2.5
vs  X Atlanta 2
@New York (NYJ)
vs  X Buffalo 2
@San Francisco
vs  X Indianapolis 10.5
vs  X Jacksonville 19
Chicago X vs 
@Pittsburgh 2.5
vs  X Oakland 15

FIWK Thursday NFL Quick Pick - Week 3

Getting this up for the Thursday game early, then blowing out a bigger list prior to the weekend's games...

PHILADELPHIA vs. Kansas City -3.0
This is an interesting game because Kansas City is a pretty good team (and way better than last year... new QB + coach will do that).  As a Chargers fan, I wish they weren't, but unfortunately they make me really scared in the division.  That being said, I think San Diego is pretty good too and their win over the Eagles isn't exactly a referendum on the Eagles sucking.

Can Kansas City play the same kind of ball possession football that San Diego used to beat Philly?  With Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles, and solid receivers, you'd think they can eat up some clock and pick up first downs.  And their defense is pretty good.

All that being said, I still think Philadelphia is really good, and since they're at home I feel comfortable taking them as a field goal favorites.  But it's not a game I'd feel comfortable putting money on.

How about you guys?

Laziest NFL picks Week 2

Favorite Favorite Win Vs. Underdog Win Underdog Final
@New England
vs X New York (NYJ) 12
vs X St. Louis 6.5
Carolina X vs
@Buffalo 2.5
@Chicago X vs
Minnesota 6
@Green Bay
vs X Washington 7.5
vs X Miami 2.5
@Kansas City X vs
Dallas 3
vs X San Diego 7.5
vs X Cleveland 6.5
vs X Tennessee 9
Detroit X vs
@Arizona 1
New Orleans X vs
@Tampa Bay 3.5
vs X Jacksonville 5.5
Denver X vs
@New York (NYG) 4.5
vs X San Francisco 3
vs X Pittsburgh 7

Just copy/pasted from my Yahoo picks.  You don't even get a picture.

FIWK the NFL Weekly Lines - Week 1

NFL Season starts tonight!  Get pumped people!  The Chargers still aren't mathematically eliminated from playoff contention!

FIWK NFL Preview via Grantland - Prop Bets from Barnwell and Mays

As discussed on the Bill Barnwell and Robert Mays Grantland NFL Preview Podcast series, here are player props and their picks.  Further discussion at the bottom.

Ephraim Salaam standing in for Bill Barnwell in this photo

Music Tuesdays - Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie

Really fun video for this song.  One of the best we've seen on the site?  At least since Gangnam Style, right?