Laziest NFL picks Week 2

Favorite Favorite Win Vs. Underdog Win Underdog Final
@New England
vs X New York (NYJ) 12
vs X St. Louis 6.5
Carolina X vs
@Buffalo 2.5
@Chicago X vs
Minnesota 6
@Green Bay
vs X Washington 7.5
vs X Miami 2.5
@Kansas City X vs
Dallas 3
vs X San Diego 7.5
vs X Cleveland 6.5
vs X Tennessee 9
Detroit X vs
@Arizona 1
New Orleans X vs
@Tampa Bay 3.5
vs X Jacksonville 5.5
Denver X vs
@New York (NYG) 4.5
vs X San Francisco 3
vs X Pittsburgh 7

Just copy/pasted from my Yahoo picks.  You don't even get a picture.


  1. Wow - this was lazy.

    But I commend you nonetheless!

  2. Ok, so I'm going to still pick lots of games, but I'm going to weight 2 or 3 games by a little more.

    $55 on Denver -4.5 and Detroit -1 and Jacksonville +5.5.

    $22 on St. Louis +6.5, Washington +7.5, Miami +2.5, San Diego +7.5, Cleveland +6.5, Tennessee +9, Pittsburgh +7.

  3. Thanks for putting up the picks. It was so lazy that it became its own joke; well done.

    $50 on Minnesota +6, $50 on Atlanta -6.5 (it dropped a half point this week and I like that I can now win on a TD), $50 on Baltimore -6.5, and $50 on New Orleans -3.5 .... that last line seems insane to me.

  4. At halftime, it seems like either Baltimore is really not so good, or Cleveland is pretty good. That is upsetting.

    Come onnnnnn Vikings

  5. I almost remembered to pick a game this past weekend.

    Since I have no clue on tonight's game, but still want to feel special, I'll put $22 on Cincy -7 (I have 0 faith in the Steelers right now).

  6. Wow - the half-point move on the Falcons/Rams game actually had an impact! It's also put Royce and his strategy ahead of Aaron.

  7. Did I suck at the beginning of last season too? I feel like I did.

  8. Probably.

    I really wish I did make my picks this week, I would've been 3 for 3 with the Bills (really, home dog?!?), Packers (line too low based on tough loss to SF), & Raiders (I think they're going to finish with 5-6 wins after watching their first 2 games).

  9. Hahaha Scott's offhanded "probably" in response to Aaron just slayed me. Well played.

    The Raiders are halfway to the 2 wins I bet Aaron they'd finish with. I'm not super concerned yet. Am I reading this right that the Seahawks are TWENTY POINT favorites against the Jags this week??

  10. Wait - you said they'd be under 2, no? So, basically, they have to go 0-14 the rest of the way out for you to win. Good luck...

  11. No, 2 wins and he wins the bet. 3 we push. 4 I win. I gave him 2-1 odds.

  12. Damn...I still think you win Aaron.

  13. Well of course Aaron's bet is the more likely... that's why I got odds! I am only going to get concerned when they get their actual 2nd win though.