Quicker NFL Week 3 picks

Favorite Favorite Win
Underdog Win Underdog Final
vs  X Kansas City 3
Green Bay X vs 
@Cincinnati 2.5
vs  X St. Louis 4
vs  X San Diego 3
@Minnesota X vs 
Cleveland 6
@New England X vs 
Tampa Bay 7
@New Orleans X vs 
Arizona 7.5
vs  X Detroit 1.5
vs  X New York (NYG) 1
Houston X vs 
@Baltimore 2.5
vs  X Atlanta 2
@New York (NYJ)
vs  X Buffalo 2
@San Francisco
vs  X Indianapolis 10.5
vs  X Jacksonville 19
Chicago X vs 
@Pittsburgh 2.5
vs  X Oakland 15


  1. $55 on Jacksonville +19 (If I lived in Vegas, I would have put money on the Jaguars as soon as the line opened at +20).

    $44 on Baltimore +2.5.

    $33 on Detroit +1.5.

    $22 on Cincinnati +2.5, NYG +1

  2. Can you explain your reasoning behind taking Jacksonville +19? Is it just a classic 'too many points' line for you?

    I don't know if you could convince me to take Jacksonville in that game unless I was being blackmailed.

  3. Side note... on Yahoo, the NE vs. Tampa Bay line opened at NE -9.0 and is now all the way down to NE -7.0 ... what happened that I don't know about? That's a BIG drop.

  4. I'm going $30 on GB -2.5, $30 on SD +3.0, $30 on NYG +1.0, $30 on Atlanta +2.0, and $100 on Minnesota -6.0

    A lot of games this week that I kind of like but don't feel super strongly about.

    But the Minnesota vs. Cleveland game.... people saw that Cleveland is now actively tanking, right?? I mean, they gave away their best offensive player (by far) and are just stockpiling draft picks. What about that team says "we are confident we can beat the Vikings this week!" to you?? That's a crazy line.

    (PS - every game I feel strongly about, I've picked wrong this year. So probably Cleveland will somehow whoop on Minnesota.)

  5. It's definitely a case of demasiado puntos.

  6. I'm really bad with getting picks in on time. But, this week that was a good thing as I was betting on the Pats (win), Falcons (loss), & Niners (horrifying loss).

    I have no clue what to make of the Niners right now, but my instinct is that Harbaugh is getting out coached. Yes, we have injuries (and no WRs), but the volume of penalties we take, and the lack of offensive changes is worrying.

  7. Triple post!

    The game tonight also feels like a demasiado puntos game. But, there is no way I take the Raiders in this game, so to have a live bet this week, I'm going with $22 on Manning & The Mile High Gang.

  8. Bah - I want to take this bet back. But, I will not. Now I can say that I was both right & wrong on the same game, regardless the outcome.

    This feels horribly awesome. No, more like awesomely horrible.

  9. Guess what? I was right! I knew it all along...

    I'm also winning.

  10. So I just realized I picked the Packers in the image above, but put money on the Bengals (after doing a little research). I guess I probably should have switched that pick in our pick'em group.

    Despite the $55 loss on demasiado puntos, I'm a little happier with my process. I'm encouraged that I will get better as the season goes on...just like every other year.

    Man, I love those bigger sample sizes.