FIWK NFL Thursday Pick - Week 4

A quick pick for the Rams vs. Niners game...

San Francisco at ST. LOUIS -3.0
This is a pick based primarily on the concept that the Niners are going to right the ship.  If they lose this game, against what is certainly a decent Rams team, they are going to be in a full-on tailspin.  So this is purely an emotional call on my part - I think they are too good to fall into a crisis this early in the season.

That being said, they have real issues throwing the ball with all the injuries now.  So if they do lose, it's safe to say their expectations for the year are seriously downgraded.  What's your pick?


  1. I'm going $50 on SF -3.0. Come onnnn Niners

  2. I'm afraid. Soooooooo many injuries. Someone wake me in 2014 when this nightmare is over.

  3. Who has it better this season? 49ers fans or Chargers fans?

    My keeper Colin Kaepernick needs to have a good game.

  4. If I was doing my analysis, it would say that there is value in St. Louis at home plus the points. But I don't really want to go against the 49ers.

    Oh well, $22 on St. Louis +3. (Man this is a bad idea.)