FIWK NFL Preview via Grantland - Prop Bets from Barnwell and Mays

As discussed on the Bill Barnwell and Robert Mays Grantland NFL Preview Podcast series, here are player props and their picks.  Further discussion at the bottom.

Ephraim Salaam standing in for Bill Barnwell in this photo

Player over/under props
Adrian Peterson - 5.1 yards per carry
Barnwell:  under
Mays:  over

JJ Watt - 15.5 sacks
Barnwell:  under
Mays:  under

John Abraham - 8.5 sacks
Barnwell:  under
Mays:  under

Andrew Luck - 4,200 passing yards
Barnwell:  ? (stay away)
Mays:  over

Andrew Luck - 15.5 interceptions
Barnwell:  over
Mays:  over

Geno Atkins - 9.5 sacks
Barnwell:  under
Mays:  over ("defensive player of the year ... will have 15 sacks")

Greg Olsen - 775.5 receiving yards
Barnwell:  under
Mays:  under

Matt Forte - 1,000.5 rushing yards
Barnwell:  under
Mays:  over

Charles Tillman - 4.5 forced fumbles
Barnwell:  under
Mays:  over

Doug Martin - 8.5 touchdowns
Barnwell:  under ("right at 8 or 9")
Mays:  over ("double digit touchdowns, mark it down")

Aaron Rodgers - 38.5 passing TDs
Barnwell:  under
Mays:  over

Robert Griffin III - 575.5 rushing yards
Barnwell:  over
Mays:  over

Jason Babin - 9.5 sacks
Barnwell:  under ("lock")
Mays:  under

Brian Orakpo - 7.5 sacks
Barnwell:  over
Mays:  over ("lock")

Alex Smith - 3,350 passing yards
Barnwell:  over
Mays:  over

(bonus bet) Dwayne Bowe - 1,000.5 receiving yards; 6 receiving TDs
Barnwell:  over
Mays:  over ("mark it down")

Dez Bryant - 92.5 catches
Barnwell:  under
Mays:  over ("105 catches and he leads the league in receiving yards... boom", "bold prediction of the day")

Danny Amendola - 950.5 receiving yards
Barnwell:  over
Mays:  over

Tavon Austin - 7.5 total TDs
Barnwell:  over
Mays:  over

Richard Sherman - 4.5 interceptions
Barnwell:  under
Mays:  under

[intermission while Mays and Barnwell make shameful admissions...  Mays hasn't seen Breaking Bad and just watched the Sopranos; Barnwell saw the Godfather for the first time last year]

(bonus prop) Johnthan Banks leads the NFL in interceptions - per Mays

Chris Long - 10 sacks
Barnwell:  over
Mays:  over

Josh Freeman - 16.5 interceptions
Barnwell:  under
Mays:  under ("that's the smartest thing you've said on the podcast so far")

Clay Mathews - 11.5 sacks
Barnwell:  over ("defensive player of the year")
Mays:  over ("is going to lead the league in sacks this year")

Russell Wilson - 3,400 passing yards
Barnwell:  over
Mays:  over

Division Winners
AFC East
Barnwell:  New England
Mays:  New England

AFC North
Barnwell:  Pittsburgh (Mays: "Steelers finish last in the division")
Mays:  Cincinnati (? ... unclear if he picked Cleveland to win the division or just finish ahead of Pitt)

AFC South
Barnwell:  Houston
Mays:  Houston

AFC West
Barnwell:  Kansas City
Mays:  Denver

AFC Wildcards
Barnwell:  Denver and Cincinnati
Mays:  Kansas City and Baltimore

NFC East
Barnwell:  NY Giants
Mays:  Dallas

NFC North
Barnwell:  Green Bay
Mays:  Green Bay

NFC South
Barnwell:  Tampa Bay
Mays:  Tampa Bay

NFC West
Barnwell:  Seattle
Mays:  San Francisco

NFC Wildcards
Barnwell:  San Francisco and Detroit
Mays:  Chicago and Seattle

AFC Champion
Barnwell:  Denver
Mays:  Denver ("they are the best team by a significant margin")

NFC Champion
Barnwell:  Seattle
Mays:  Green Bay

Super Bowl Champion
Barnwell:  Seattle
Mays:  Denver

Individual Stat Leaders
Passing Leader
Barnwell:  Peyton Manning
Mays:  Andrew Luck ("good odds at 18-to-1")

Rushing Leader
Barnwell:  Trent Richardson
Mays:  LeSean McCoy

Receiving Leader
Barnwell:  Calvin Johnson
Mays:  Dez Bryant

Worst Record This Season [not an individual award]
Barnwell:  Oakland
Mays:  Oakland

First Pick In the Draft
Barnwell:  Jadaveon Clowney
Mays:  Teddy Bridgewater

Offensive Rookie of the Year
Barnwell:  Tavon Austin
Mays:  Eddie Lacy

Defensive Rookie of the Year
Barnwell:  Kenny Vaccaro
Mays:  Alec Ogletree (Barnwell: "you are on a lot of weird bandwagons, Mays", "maybe you're right ... but you're not right")

Coach of the Year
Barnwell:  Andy Reid
Mays:  Greg Schiano

Barnwell:  Russell Wilson
Mays:  Aaron Rodgers

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