Music Tuesdays: Hit or Miss - New Found Glory

When I study, I tend to listen to punk and/or rock music.  The Offspring, Sum 41, Rise Against, Hoobastank, Social Distortion, 3 Doors Down, more Offspring, more Rise Against.  The energy gives me a lot of adrenaline to stay focused for hours.  And I am able to tune out the lyrics enough to really focus on what I am reading.  This song has been making me happy for several weeks now.  Love the energy.  If you focus on the lyrics, there's a chance Royce will like it more.  I have no idea about Scott.

A lazy FIWK discussion on Nielsen ratings or something like that

Royce: Hey Scott,

I haven't had a chance to put this on FIWK yet, but I found this article about Nielsen trying to capture TV ratings vs. online ratings, etc very interesting:

While I'm gone it's possible you or Aaron could put it on FIWK and comment.  If not I'll probably do a short write up when I get back.... my main point of commentary was going to be that I cannot BELIEVE how outdated (and small of sample size, 22k houses) the old-school Nielsen 'set-top box' rating methodology is.

Music Tuesdays - Summerlong by Xylos

Am I publishing this a few months early for summer?  Yes I am.  But I couldn't help myself.  It has a bit of a retro vibe that reminds me slightly of Tanlines' "All of Me" or Electric Guest's "This Head I Hold" from last year, or something along those lines.  Can't quite place it though.  Does it remind you of anything?