NFL 2013 Thanksgiving week


vs  X Green Bay 6
vs  X Oakland 9.5
@Baltimore X vs 
Pittsburgh 2.5
@Cleveland X vs 
Jacksonville 7
vs  X Tennessee 4.5
vs  X Chicago 1
@New York (NYJ)
vs  X Miami 2
vs  X Arizona 3
@Carolina X vs 
Tampa Bay 8.5
New England X vs 
@Houston 7.5
@Buffalo X vs 
Atlanta 3
@San Francisco X vs 
St. Louis 8.5
vs  X @Kansas City 4.5
@San Diego
vs  X Cincinnati 1
New York (NYG)
vs  X @Washington 1.5
@Seattle X vs 
New Orleans 5


  1. $44 on Ten +4.5, Min +1.5, AZ +3
    $33 on Washington +1.5
    $22 on Car -8.5, Cle -7

  2. $200 on Denver -4.5 ... KC just got their D obliterated by injuries last week, to the point that SD could move the ball on them every time. Denver is going to do the same and run them off the field. Boom, patterns.

    $100 on SD -1 and on Minnesota +1.5, just like both of these teams to win and the points are minimal.

    $50 on NYG -1.5, Buffalo -3, and Baltimore -2.5 just because. Those seem like teams that would strongly prefer to win against lukewarm opponents. Plus I wanted a rooting interest in a Thanksgiving game. Come onnnnn Baltimore.

  3. Royce, do you have enough money to cover those bets?

  4. How dare you.

    Damn you Ravens! Had to lose by the HALF POINT?? Ugh. I felt reallyyyy good about that bet for about 59 minutes of that game.

  5. Hey - Royce had $216.27 to spare!

    Missed the turkey day bets, but I'll drop $44 on Colts -4.5, $33 on Vikings -1, & $22 on Niners -8.5.

    PS - I'm turning both of your Vikings bet back to the REAL line of Minnesota -1. Not sure what you fools are reading in the above chart.

  6. But I like Minnesoate +1.5 better, let me have that one

  7. PS, don't think I won't go fully negative. This is fake fun bucks anyway, if I lose big time I might as well go all the way with the same basic strategy and see just how bad that makes me.

    I was saddened to see that as of this weekend I'm the only person losing to the indefatigable MP. For shame.

  8. Won on my big Denver pick, lost on SD, won on Min, won on NYG, and lost on the other two. I think that comes out ahead?

  9. Yup - you're up $118.18 on the week. Aaron lost $$, I won $$, and MP continued his miraculous streak of break-even weeks.

    Here's the latest; somehow, Aaron & I are tied.

  10. WOW!! I can't believe you two are tied, that is crazy. That is even more miraculous than MP's unbroken streak of break-evens.