Which photo is better? Korean War Memorial

I guess this is the dilemma I had in mind when creating this new segment. These are both photos of the Korean War Memorial in Washington D.C. Both are very similar photos of the same subject, yet entirely different. We are no longer looking at lighting or shadow or action or landscape vs. portrait. Which do you think is better? I mean, I couldn't even come up with an effective label to distinguish the photos for the poll below.


  1. Top, and here's why: the closer, dominant image of the soldier in the front is very eye catching. It grabs attention and shows the up-close detail of one of the soldier statues, which you see stretching back into the back of the frame. A nice concept.

    In fact, I might even have gone farther with the concept you have in the top photo. Get a even closer to the front soldier, and take the viewpoint lower, so that he takes up almost the entire left 1/3rd of the frame.

  2. I agree with Royce. I think you might also be able play with the focus a bit - move closer to the front solder, but set the focus for slightly further away. Given the topic, the blurring might also capture some sense of the "fog of war".

  3. A great idea Scott. I co-sign on this idea and if anyone ever takes that photo, I would like to buy a print of it.