NFL Week 14


Houston X vs 
@Jacksonville 3
@Cincinnati X vs 
Indianapolis 6.5
@Green Bay X vs 
Atlanta Off (0)
@New England X vs 
Cleveland Off (0)
@New York (NYJ)
vs  X Oakland 2.5
vs  X Detroit 2.5
vs  X Miami 3
@Tampa Bay
vs  X Buffalo 2.5
Kansas City X vs 
@Washington 3
@Baltimore X vs 
Minnesota 6.5
vs  X Tennessee 12
vs  X St. Louis 6.5
@San Diego X vs 
New York (NYG) 3
@San Francisco
vs  X Seattle 2.5
@New Orleans
vs  X Carolina 3
@Chicago X vs 
Dallas 1


  1. $55 on Kansas City -3, San Diego -3, Carolina +3
    $44 Oakland +2.5, Buffalo +2.5
    $33 on Cincy -6.5, Detroit +2.5, Miami +3, Seattle +2.5

  2. I wish I had remembered to put $$ on the Jags last night; Houston is doing a fantastic tank job right now...

    I'll put $22 on Oakland +2.5 (wish it were 3), and $33 on Denver -12.

  3. Yeah agreed on Houston Scooter.

    How come GB-Atl and NE-Cle are both off the board at the moment?

  4. And Aaron takes a slight lead!

    Royce (un)wisely opted to sit out this week.

  5. I was afraid to quick pick (or even talk about) last night's game. But the Chargers won! It's a Christmas miracle.