NFL Week 17: Who is playing for something?


Underdog Final
Carolina X vs
@Atlanta 6.5
@Cincinnati X vs
Baltimore 6
@Tennessee X vs
Houston 7
@Indianapolis X vs
Jacksonville 11.5
@Miami X vs
New York (NYJ) 6
vs X Detroit 3
@New York (NYG)
vs X Washington 3.5
vs X Cleveland 7
Green Bay
vs X @Chicago 3
vs X @Oakland 12.5
@New England X vs
Buffalo 9.5
@New Orleans
vs X Tampa Bay 12.5
vs X San Francisco 0
@San Diego
vs X Kansas City 9.5
@Seattle X vs
St. Louis 10.5
vs X @Dallas 6.5


  1. $55 on Car -6.5
    $44 on Cincy -6, Ten -7, Det +3
    $33 Chi +3
    $22 on Indy -11.5, Mia -6

  2. DAMMIT I woke up too late to put $200 on Cincy -6, which is my favorite line of the week. They are REALLY playing for something, and are much better than the crap Baltimore team.

    Anyway I'm still going with $100 on the following: Oakland +12.5, New England -9.5, SF pick em, and Seattle -10.5. Also $50 on TB +12.5. And a pox upon the Dolphins and Ravens today.

    I'm gonna win this thing damn you!

  3. Ooops...forgot to do this.

    We still have the playoffs!

  4. Won on the following: New England, San Francisco, Seattle. Lost on Oakland and Tampa Bay.

    Come onnnnn playoffs!

    Bonus question: I'm attending a friend's birthday brunch at a place with a television during the Chargers' playoff game. What is protocol here? If we can't secure a seat within view of the TV, for how long can I get up and leave to watch the game? Do I have to check back in with the table during commercials? Do I need to wait til the 4th quarter to just go watch the whole damn thing at the bar? I would like your opinions.

  5. What kind of friend schedules a birthday brunch during the game?

    2 questions: 1) How close are you to said friend (and, the group as a whole)? 2) Are there any other NFL/Chargers/sports fans in the group?

  6. You watch the game and visit the table during commercials. Scout the group attending and get other Chargers fans involved. Rely on Anna (not sure how big a Chargers fan she is) for support with the table while you are noticeably absent. Let her describe you as a crazed sports fan who has many other good qualities to balance out your obvious insanity and rudeness. Get there really early (or even call ahead) and really push the host/ess for a table that can view the TV. Maybe even stop by a previous day to scout it out.

  7. So, is it worse to a) be at at table w/ a TV view and completely ignore your group, or b) have no view and be absent for parts of the meal, but be present and attentive while back at the table?