Music Tuesdays - Under the Milky Way Tonight by The Church

This is my favorite song by The Church. Two The Church facts: 1) this song was featured in the quite enjoyable Donnie Darko Soundtrack, and 2) just like Empire of the Sun they are from Australia.


  1. I went fairly old school with this one

    Aaron, did you have a chance to listen to the two versions of STP's Plush I linked two in last week's Music Tuesday? I'm curious what you thought of both versions?

  2. 1) Under the Milky Way Tonight comes in at the very bottom of the spectrum of songs I like, just beating out indifference. But not quite good enough to restart the five song grace period.

    2) I liked the original version of Plush significantly more. In fact, the acoustic version is below The Church, while the original is above.

  3. As I suspected, Aaron... we have opposite tastes when it comes to that stuff

    By the way, the best song from that Donnie Darko Soundtrack is Mad World by Gary Jules. I shouldn't even link it right now because I am going to reuse it for a sequel post on song covers. Gary Jules is also from San Diego, by the way. Woot

  4. Good track! I have heard songs by The Church but am not that familiar with them so I'm going to be listening now, nice.

    Very much 80s style rock, sort of like The Cure and The Psychedelic Furs.

  5. Agree with Grace - nice song; relaxing and catchy - hard to beat that combination. 3.5 happy faces