Oh yeah, the Pro Bowl is this weekend...

So the Pro Bowl is this weekend. With Peyton Manning being in the Super Bowl, Philip Rivers and Tom Brady out due to "injury", the AFC is sending Matt Schaub, Vince Young and David Garrard as its representatives. Ross Tucker does a pretty good job elaborating most of the problems with the Pro Bowl. I like his idea of switching linemen and skill positions.

Do you care about the Pro Bowl? ...you know what, if I'm home Sunday and it's on, there's a pretty good chance I'll tune in. Even with all the problems the Pro Bowl has, I still love watching NFL football.


  1. I meant "Oh yeah" to express that I forgot about the Pro Bowl, not that I was excited about the Pro Bowl.

  2. I think the ellipsis in the title accurately conveyed your disinterest...

  3. If the Pro Bowl is played somewhere in the world, and no one's around to watch it, does it still exist?