Delicious Library 2

I was introduced to the website for Delicious Library several weeks ago, and since that time the idea of it has gestated in my mind like the chestburster from Alien. Rather than having my sternum sundered by its birthing act, however, I will probably opt to install it on my desktop.

The Delicious Library concept is smart - it creates a catalog of all your possessions and arranges them on its aesthetically pleasing interface. By far their best achievement is in their visual design; they've made it fun to look at it and (apparently) easy to use. As we all know, smart design is what separates great services from annoying ones

Read the description on the main page and tell me if you're intrigued. The two main functions of having a "catalog" of what you own seem useful to me... to remember if you loan something to a friend, or to have a complete list to give to your insurance company in case of an incident.

It costs $40. Would you use Delicious Library?


  1. There are 2 problems with it, at least for me - I don't have a webcam (don't laugh), and I have a bunch of possessions which I want to catalog but which don't have barcodes. I'm sure both of these are surmountable, but they detract from the ease-of-use appeal of the software a bit for me.

  2. Hm are all my old comments going to keep my old avatar pic?

  3. Meh - I don't think I'd ever find a use for this. It's a neat concept in general, and great for those that want/need to stay organized, yet at the same time, are good at keeping organized. I feel that I'd sign up for such a service, and then after initially setting up my account, I'd never use the service again.

  4. No, I would not spend $40 on this. And there's a good chance that I wouldn't use it if it were free because I would never take the time to catalog everything in the first place.