NFL Week 17

The final week of the season is by far the most frustrating to me. I stay far away from any game where starters might be rested or teams might be tanking for draft position, unless I'm super-confident. Do you feel comfortable with picks in the last week? A few I would go with:

Chicago at Detroit -3
San Francisco at St. Louis -7
Baltimore at Oakland -10
Cincinnati at NY Jets +10 (I'm pretty sure the Bengals are still jockeying for their exact playoff position?)


  1. Chicago is mediocre and Detroit is bad, so in a straight up game they should win by more than 3. It also seems to me that the Rams want to lose their game to be assured of the #1 draft pick, so they will most likely sit all their good players right? With no Steven Jackson how would they get within a touchdown of the Niners, who Coach will be inspiring so they have "momentum for next season" or somesuch?

    That last one - is there a reason the Bengals would sit starters? Is their exact position (3 or 4) assured, or would they not care and sit people regardless?

    Any other picks you like?

  2. If the Patriots win, the Bengals are locked into the 4 seed (possibly against the 5 seed Jets). If the Patriots lose, a Bengals win gives them the 3 seed. If the Jets win, they are in the playoffs. I think the Jets want it more...but 10 points is too much, I will also take Cincy +10. SF will try hard and St. Louis will try just as hard as they have all they'll lose by 10-17points; I'll take the 49ers -7. I'll take Jacksonville +1.5 (a team trying to make the playoffs) over the Browns, a bad team. I'll take San Diego -4 because I think the December streak matters and Washington is pretty bad... Volek can probably beat them. And I'll go with Tennessee -4 over Seattle as Chris Johnson gets 2000 yards rushing.

  3. I like that Jacksonville pick, the Browns are atrocious.

    You do realize it's January, right? So when people talk about "the December streak" for the Chargers, does this week still technically count for that?

  4. Oh yeah. I guess it doesn't count. I still say the Chargers backups are better than the uninspired Redskins who aren't going to try very hard for a coach who is about to be fired.

    In fact, here's a prop bet; over/under 25 hours from the end of the Chargers-Redskins game to when Zorn is fired.

  5. Ooh good prop bet - I say under cause Snyder is that crazy

  6. Well I nailed the under, that was too easy

    Apparently Vegas knew something I didn't about the Bengals, because they got SMOKED by the Jets 37-0

    The Ravens won by only eight, and the Bears and Niners easily won by their margins, so I was 2-for-2 on the weekend.