NFL Week 14

Man, did we drop the ball, but now we're going to get back on track up on the horse. I actually picked the Browns +10 last night, but didn't say it here, so I won't count it. Indy (-7) vs. Broncos looks good. Minnesota (-6.5) vs. Cincinnati could be interesting. Jacksonville (-2.5) vs. Miami could be close with playoff implications and the battle for AFC supremacy in Florida. I don't know who to pick in the NYG (-1) vs. Philly. If SF had won last week and Arizona had lost, then this week's matchup would be REALLY interesting, but now it's not. How do you feel about that Scott? It wasn't until I checked the NFL TV Distribution Map at that I realized there are 10 early games on Sunday and only 3 afternoon games...does that seem strange to anyone else? The sports bar is going to be almost empty when I go watch the Chargers.


  1. I would have taken Cleveland +10...but I don't get that.
    New Orleans -10.5
    Green Bay -3
    Cincy +6.5
    San Diego +3
    Arizona -3

  2. "...but now we're going to get back on track up on the horse."

    Good one!

    I, too, love the Colts -7 as it seems as though Denver is slipping down the stretch again. I'd also say that the Titans are a better team than the Broncos are right now.

    I also love the Chargers +3 as I've been anti-Dallas for 6 weeks now; I bet that they'd miss the playoffs 4 weeks ago solely based on their final 5 games. I'm giddy for yet another Romo blow-up in December.

    Finally, I'll begrudgingly take the Cards -3.5 in SF; I'm not sure if this is me returning to my family's history of turning on our team very quickly after a stupid and disappointing loss, or if the Cards really should be 6 point favorites.

    Who knows. How do I feel about our game not being as interesting as it should have been?

    This is how.

  3. FYI... the games in the original post are games I find interesting, my actual picks are in the comments. While I think Indy will win and will not pick against them, they have been winning too many close games and truly seem content to win by 3 or 6, for me to put any (pretend) money on them.

  4. I'm thinking... the Chargers don't need a great running game to win in the playoffs. They don't need to average 4 yards a carry to win. I think my realization of the day...they need to be able to run in the red zone for touchdowns. The games the Chargers just don't look good are when they have 8 goal line carries and no touchdowns.

  5. Watching the Chargers-Cowboys game... The goal line stand by the Chargers is exactly what I mean. The Cowboys inability to run it in from so close really hurts their chances of winning this game.

  6. And don't give me some "No duh, 'When a team can't score touchdowns it's hard for them to win' thanks for the in depth analysis" sarcastic remark. I am serious that it is an important difference between a "between the 20's" running back and a "3 yards and a cloud of dust" running back. Both have their place and the best running backs can take on both roles. But right now for the Chargers to win, they need to be able to run the ball for touchdowns, which allows them to have balance and run play-action passes near the goal line. (Now I'm going to drink until I forget that the Chargers lost 21-12 to the Patriots in the AFC Championship game a couple years ago...)

  7. So can we start calling you Aaron Madden from now on? Thanks to your - boom! - hard-hitting analysis?

  8. I'm amused by imagining how many convoluted ways that Cowboy fans have tried to talk themselves into Tony Romo over the years. Let's face it, he's not a guy who wins you games.

    Fun to watch? Yes. Big plays? Yes. Can be counted on to handle the snap on a game-winning field goal and/or not throw 3 interceptions in a road playoff game? Not so much, no.

  9. As a fantasy Romo owner, I knew without a doubt that Romo would get that second TD pass before the game ended. In fact, I don't think anyone else better defines, "Able to lead you to a TD when you're down by ten, but unable to do anything when you're tied" better than Tony Romo.

    In his defense though, the rest of the team produces exactly the same as Romo. Need a few ten yard runs from your own twenty? Marion Barber and Felix Jones are your guys. Need a 1 yard run from the 1 yard line? Not gonna happen. Need some creative play calls from the 1 yard line, not gonna happen.

  10. Just read 11 Points' NFL Picks methods and thoroughly enjoyed it. That is a powerhouse blog. I love everything about the premise of his Monday night picks gimmick.

  11. Wow - great post; particularly loved Laska and her "well, she '"sit-stays' at 9-4" and Laska's interpretations of tonight's game:

    "This week she ate the Cardinals biscuit. She ate the 49ers biscuit right after, so we'll say this is going to be a close game with Arizona just coming out on top."

    My prediction: 24-17 Cards

  12. Here's a question to all your Niners fans out there:

    If the Niners finish the season @ 9-7 (winning out @ Eaglys, vs Lions, @ Rams), you would feel ____.

    OK - so maybe not quite a "question", but I'm not sure how I'd feel, and am looking for inspiration in both rational and irrational arguments.

  13. I don't think there's any other word to use besides "content" for the following reasons:
    1) Winning record. Forgotten what one of those looks like around Candlestick.
    2) It means a win over the Eaglys (formerly the Eagles) in Philly. No small feat, especially the way Philly is playing right now.
    3) If the Cards stumble (unlikely, but possible) 9-7 could win the Niners the West, since they hold a double-tiebreaker over the Kurt Warners.

  14. Looks like Garrard is suffering a case of the Jamarcus Russell's...overthrowing his receivers by 5-10 yards.

  15. You mean he's got a case of JaMarcusitis - he couldn't hit the crowd with a rolled up t-shirt?

    (I couldn't find the post where you came up with that in the comments, do you remember which one it was?)