Tuesday Morning Crabtree Watch - 12/15

I guess we found "Frank the Tank". I told you he was fun to watch - he's an absolute beast when it comes to breaking tackles, and has an awesome explosion when it comes to cuts in the open field. Both can be seen in his Week 14 Highlights.

On a post-related note, anyone care/able to explain to me the "Crabtree Shuffle" seen after the jump?

My only question to Niners fans is this: what will make you happy this season?

Would 9-7 be sufficient (2 solid wins down the stretch), or do you need to see some more growth from the offense? Do we need to establish an identity? Last night was much better than the previous 2 games in terms of a balanced offense (although, Smith did throw a pick late in the 3rd when we should have been letting Gore run wild).

Also related: Jed York said yesterday that the jobs of Singletary and McCloughan are safe come 2010, and that he hopes Raye will be around in the future (for continuity purposes). Here's to the Niners keeping the front office stable in the coming years to allow its young prospects on both sides of the ball (primarily offense) fully realize their potentials.

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  1. I can tell you from the perspective of not-a-Niners fan what will make ME happy is more Crabtree shuffles... that's a comedy bonanza waiting to happen