Listing the ways why this List of Lists rocks...

So, while wandering through one of the blogs on my list (look! another list!) of "blogs through which I wander" (cause, you know, it couldn't be my list of "blogs I wander through" due to that whole preposition deal...), I came across their "Top 20 Internet Lists of 2009".

To better illustrate why I am in love with this list, I will, of course, provide a list:

1) Who doesn't love a meta list? We here at FIWK have already brought up the metaphysics of pop culture, so you know we'd be fans of the metaphysics of lists.

2) A list of lists really is a great way to kill half of your day.

3) A previous article from the site listed their 10 happiest surprises from the '00s (did we determine that we're going to call these the 'otts'?), which has NPH listed as their happiest surprise and, really, that makes me believe anything that comes from the site.

4) The list is as varied as it comes: from Google Maps surprises to 30 more men who look like old lesbians and everything in between. By the end of this list, nothing from the otts should surpsie you.

5) Who knew Dr. Seuss was so political in his children's writing?

6) Anytime you can find a list that combines a plea for drunken-clown debuachery and a reference back to our meta-pop-culture friends, you've got a winner.

7) I absolutely fail at the ee cumings or youtuve comment game.

8) This list much reach 9, or else it isn't really a list.

9) How can you go wrong with this list's double-entry and #3? As Nerve points out, 4 words: "Flush.The.Toilet.First" (not entirely safe for work, nor your retinas).


  1. Everything I clicked on entertained me on this list. I did not, however, click on Flush the Toilet or 30 year old men who look like lesbians. I will take your word on those.

    I'm a little disappointed you couldn't get to 9 list items without a place filler line at #8

  2. #8 was more for entertainment value than to force the list to 9.

    Flush the Toilet is more hilarious than disturbing, but still possesses some disturbing qualities.

    Men who look like lesbians was pure entertainment.

  3. I particularly enjoyed "What Back to the Future Part II got right and wrong." I regularly like to compare past predictions of the future to see if they come out correctly. I save my Sports Illustrated and ESPN the Magazine NFL Previews to see how accurate they turn out. And who can forget 1984 or 2001: A Space Odyssey?

  4. Actually, everything 11 points has to offer is pretty good. Go through the archives a little to be entertained. You can even add it to the list of blogs we like Royce started. Good find by...someone...

  5. And here is's List of Everything. You know, a professionally reported and written work that dwarfs everything else. Except the ultimate meta-list.

  6. Man 11 points' List of Things that Debuted in the 2000s but Feel Like They've Been Around Forever is fantastic... read the honorable mentions too because they are amusing