Scotland's Hebrides

In the same vein as my Western Australia wanderlust, I present to you a kickass series of National Geographic photos of Scotland's Hebrides islands. I haven't been to the upper highlands or the islands around Scotland, but this looks amazing. Even a basic Google Image search for 'Hebrides Scotland' turns up amazing photos. What's the most photogenic scenery you've been to, and how does this compare?


  1. Also I got that amazing photo of the tree from this Flickr Scotland profile run by Calum and Victoria, so big ups to them for amazing photos

  2. That tree looks so fake I'm beginning to wonder if it is.

    I have to say that Scotland was one of the most photogenic places I've ever visited. From the countryside to the city of Edinburgh, there was hardly a bad angle anywhere. The city of Paris is also up there, because you can see the Eiffel Tower from damn near everywhere and that makes every photo cooler. Florence, aka Firenze (much cooler name), has a phenomenal skyline.

    Tops so far for me, however - Cinque Terre in Italy. It gives you everything from scenic overlooks to quaint towns and it's all hikeable and relaxed.

  3. I've heard phenomenal things about Cinque Terre - from both my parents who were there a few decades back (their favorite place, by far, amongst all that they saw in Italy over 5 weeks), and a number of friends who've visited in the past few years.

    However, since I've never been there, and the question asked of me was what was the most photogenic place I've actually been to, so I'll give you my top locale: Salvador, Bahia.

    From the fantastic colors of the Pelourinho to the wonderful coastline of Barra, but what brings it over the top is it's people; from Carnival to Capoeira, the people of Bahia are beautiful and show a true love of life.

  4. Hm my comment disappeared... Scott those photos look amazing and I have now added Salvador, Bahia to my must-visit list. My brother did an Amazon trip a few months ago, by the way, and that is now on my list cause it looked unnnnnbelievable. So at least two must-visits in Brasil.

    Scott you did a whole trip to Southeast Asia, right? What was the most scenic part of that geographic region? Did you visit those huge limestone pillars along the rivers in like Thailand or wherever that is? What are your recommendations for photogenic sites?

  5. We did do a jaunt across SE Asia 2 summers ago - the whole area is crazy photogenic, but if I had to pick one, it'd be Siem Reap (home to Angkor Wat and the fantastic Angkor Thom).

    Close 2nds to Siem Reap province would be Koh Phi Phi and your aforementioned "huge limestone pillars along the rivers in like Thailand" (which, is actually Halong Bay in Vietnam).

  6. I second that. Koh Phi Phi was BEAUTIFUL! We visited the island where parts of the movie "The Beach" was filmed and it was amazing. The water was so blue it seemed almost fake.

  7. First of all, fantastic name Carbivorous

    Second, that sounds really awesome. The scenery from The Beach was beyond belief so I can't imagine seeing it in real life.

    Third, it has the added bonus of sounding like an Asian sorority. Ya, that girl's a Koh Phi Phi.

  8. From your link Scott, here is the iconic image I think of when I imagine those huge limestone pillar things in Halong Bay, Vietnam

  9. Yup - pretty much; now imagine parking your junk in the middle of said iconic image, and having a party with 10 random strangers you just met. Said party includes, but not limited to:

    - negotiating beer and snack prices with women in mini row boats
    - jumping of the roof of said junk into bathtub temperature water
    - eating fantastic Vietnamese cuisine on said junk during afternoon thunder storm

    Yup - twas one fantastic trip...

  10. Your junk link didn't work, so we'll just assume for the record that it was a link to Fergie singing about "all that junk inside her trunk" and "her lovely lady lumps" and had nothing to do with Koh Phi Phi (arch rivals of Kappa Kappa Gamma)

    You had a party in the middle of the bay with all the huge limestone pillar things, and that didn't even make your top trips list!! Man you are either the most interesting man in the world or your list needs some revising.

    Actually come to think of it, your story sounds so amazing that it could easily fit into one of those Most Interesting Man commercials and no one would even blink. I'm completely blown away right now.

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