Simmons on Steroids... yet again

I know he wrote it because it involves his beloved Red Sox, but I'm really disappointed that Bill Simmons wrote YET ANOTHER column about steroids


  1. And yes I realize it is either ironic or hypocritical - based on your meanness towards me - that I decided to write a post about a topic I abhor

    Between all the steroids articles and all the Brett Favre updates, 20% of the coverage on ESPN over the last two years has rotted my brain

  2. Aaron wrote:

    "I disagree...this article wasn't about steroids. It was about the emotion of a fan following a certain player.

    Royce, try to describe in a few sentences or paragraphs how you feel about Ken Caminiti.

    Tony Gwynn is the greatest Padre ever. 8 batting titles, .338 career batting average, 5.5 hole. But he was never close to being an MVP. Ken Caminiti was an MVP in 1996, and led the Padres to a division title and the World Series two years later. He hit for power, average, and played great defense at 3rd base. He was fun to watch and actually won games for us. Very early on he admitted to using steroids, and has now passed away. Would you have rather won the World Series in 1998 with Ken Caminiti and Greg Vaughn (he of 50 home runs, third behind McGwire and Sosa)? I still would have."

  3. I guess we have different outlooks, Aaron. All I think about when I think of Caminiti now is profound melancholy about the trajectory of his life - meteoric rise and equally dramatic flame out into an early death. It's a tragedy. I don't think of him in the context of the Padres' wins.

    Of course I am also disconnected from the Padres enough where their success doesn't move me like it moves you. But if the Chargers had won the Superbowl while anchored by an unstoppable Shawne Merriman, the year when he was juicing, I would rather have given that back and not won than won with his cheating. Maybe I'm cynical?