Fantasy Footbal Draft Day

Weeks of mock drafting, position rankings, keeper ages, providing false advice to Royce so he doesn't steal my sleeper... it all culminates tonight!


  1. My prediction as to how the first round will play out...
    1-JV - Adrian Peterson
    2-Sean - Maurice Jones-Drew
    3-Lichtenstein - Michael Turner
    4-Foes Mantonio Foes - Matt Forte
    5-Royce - Steven Jackson
    6-Bryan - Chris Johnson
    7-Scott - DeAngelo Williams
    8-Mikael - Brian Westbrook
    9-Henry - LaDainian Tomlinson
    10-Adam - Peyton Manning
    11-Dan - Larry Fitzgerald
    12-Aaron - Brandon Jacobs

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  3. Here's the first round:

    1 Adrian Peterson
    2 Maurice Jones-Drew
    3 Michael Turner
    4 Steven Jackson
    5 Matt Forte
    6 Chris Johnson
    7 Brian Westbrook
    8 Frank Gore
    9 Larry Fitzgerald
    10 Peyton Manning
    11 LaDainian Tomlinson
    12 DeAngelo Williams

  4. The actual first round:
    1. Adrian Peterson
    2. Maurice Jones-Drew
    3. Michael Turner
    4. Matt Forte
    5. Steven Jackson
    6. Frank Gore
    7. Brian Westbrook
    8. DeAngelo Williams
    9. LaDainian Tomlinson
    10. Peyton Manning
    11. Brandon Jacobs
    12. Larry Fitzgerald

    I got 7 out of 12 perfect, then switched Westbrook and Williams, and Fitzgerald and Jacobs...I totally missed on Frank Gore.

  5. I am surprised Fitz fell all the way to you Aaron. Gore went early because he was a homer pick by the Niners fans...

    I still can't believe Brady fell all the way back to me at pick 20... I'm giddy

  6. I just realized I skipped Chris Johnson in the second round (I was worried about Lendale White vulturing touchdowns) to take Steve Slaton. Thanks a lot Royce for linking to angrys up my blood and I will have my vengeance upon thee.

  7. In a Keeper League!!!! Arrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!!!

    Although me taking Ray Rice way too early in the 4th round worked out pretty well. The aforementioned Lendale White in the 6th round, did not work out.

  8. I vote for immediate inclusion of Aaron's quote in Best of FIWK: "it angrys up my blood"

    In retrospect I think you did okay with Ray Rice (seemed early at the time... on the other hand he wouldn't have lasted another 24 picks before you got another swing) but the CJ thing just murders you. Your team would be studly if you could pair those two.

    In the future can we all agree to completely ignore preseason reports about which players "look good" or have "lost weight" or whatever, particularly when it involves the absence of tequila in their lives? Everyone acted like Lendale White was actually going to be a better football player because he stopped drinking Patron... turns out the joke's on us. Slaton also got buzz cause he "gained 20 lbs of muscle" or something, and then proceeded to suck badly.

    This reminds me of when I tried to draw conclusions from the NBA preseason two years ago, only to realize that every single that happened during that time was an utter red herring. Like the points on Whose Line is it Anyway?, it does not matter at all.

  9. Actually "angry's up the blood" is a Simpsons reference. And "I will have my vengeance upon thee" is from Pulp Fiction (Jules giving his Biblical scripture he has memorized for special occasions.)

  10. I recognize the second; in fact, before I deleted it my comment above said that I would rain my sleeper picks down upon you with furious vengeance, which is a part of that Jules quote

    Your Simpsons line is stricken from the Best of, in that case