The only Favre story I clicked on all year

I have specifically avoided clicking on all stories involving Brett Favre, until this one.


  1. I have refused to click on any story speculating when/if Brett Favre was coming out of retirement. I didn't care about anything that happened in Hattesburg, Mississippi, but now that Brett Favre has officially signed with the Vikings, this must be discussed.

    Favre didn't sign with the Vikings to stick it to Ted Thompson. Favre signed with the Vikings because it was the only team in the NFL that would make things easy for old man Brett. A great running game and a great defense AND his comfort with Minnesota's offense, including the terminology, having worked with Darrell Bevell in Green Bay meant he could spend more time doing Wrangler commercials instead of studying the playbook.

    If the NFC South was the good, the NFC West was the bad, and the NFC East was the ugly, then the NFC North is now whatever is left over after that. The NFC North is going to be incredibly competitive, with the Lions going 0-6 in the division and everyone else capable of winning the division and a playoff game or two. I think Jay Cutler and the Bears will come in third, but I don't know who to pick between the Packers and Vikings. Check the NFC North predictions page to see who I choose and why.

  2. It sounds like you are assuming he immediately becomes the starter... is he really that much better than Sage Rosenfels? I guess the logic is that Minnesota didn't pay $10 million for a backup?

    I love how you plugged our NFC previews in that sequence... the NFC North is like the crazy. I mean, just imagine if the Favre-led Vikings knock off the Packers out the playoffs by winning a crucial head-to-head game? Would there be riots?

  3. Favre will definitely start, and Minnesota and Green Bay play each weeks 4 and 8. Although if Minnesota won both of those and it came down to a tiebreaker...that would be pretty crazy.

  4. Ross Tucker is climbing the charts towards my favorite NFL writer. He's a former NFL offensive lineman who provides a player perspective, that continually impresses me. He provides some great points regarding Brett Favre signing with the Vikings that no one else in the media even considers.