Where would you go?

If you had 7-10 days to travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go, and, of course, why?


  1. I just realized I successfully (I think) used 4 commas in a 9 word span.

    My gut tells me to go to somewhere in Europe as I've never been there, but Europe's rather large, and I have no clue where in Europe I'd pick first.

    PS This is for a November trip.

  2. As of now, I'm leaning towards Barcelona and Madrid, but am open to anywhere not SE Asia as I was just there last summer.

  3. Well, I currently have an 11 day trip planned for October, spending a week in Paris, then taking the Chunnel over to London. I plan on spending at least one full day in the Louvre and taking a look at the Eiffel Tower, the Arc De Triomphe, and Notre Dame among many other world renown landmarks.

  4. I like it! Have you been to any of the places before? Is this your first trip to Europe? How'd you decide on the itinerary?

    PPS This will most likely be a trip by myself, as most friends/family cannot take the time off, so recommendations geared towards solo adventures would be welcome!

  5. Scott this is very exciting!

    You can't go wrong with Europe. Especially for a solo trip, the hostel/bar culture there is great and English is well-known, so you will meet many non-natives of the country and generally have a good time. Any country you go to should be cool.

    Having done an extended stay in Spain, time in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Italy, there is no reason you'd pick one or the other. They are all great and you'll have a great time in all of them.

    However, I would probably save France and especially Paris for a trip with your significant other, because it's romantic, culturally awesome, and very pretty. If you dig history and great food Italy is a no-brainer; plus all of the country is scenic so you could do your full trip just taking the train around the country and enjoying it. I also highly recommend Spain or England/Scotland because you can do your whole trip in only that country, but still see tons of different places that are all interesting.

    So did I help at all? No. But just know that there is no wrong choice.

    You might also do Australia cause I hear the pub and backpacking culture is a lot of fun there, especially for young people. Plus the scenery has to be awesome.

    Foes did an extended Europe trip, I will see if he wants to weigh in.

  6. I am a huge fan of art and history, so Jessica said I could only spend one day in the Louvre, no more. I have never been to Europe, so for my first trip, I wanted to see all the things I've read about and I can identify in pictures, without ever having seen it myself. I guess you could also say, I'm doing all the touristy things. But I really am going to learn something new.

    As for a recommendation Scott... a friend who studied abroad in Hungary, said all the girls in Hungary just LOVE American boys. They wore less clothing and would love to party with a guy from America. Other than that, if you are going by yourself, go somewhere you wouldn't go with kids. Don't go to too many museums or landmarks. Go to the lesser known areas of Spain, which is supposed to be beautiful, or go to the south of France. Go to Germany or Scotland or the islands of Greece. Find a random hill or ancient statue that a tour guide wouldn't lead you to. Go take a picture of Danish windmill and wear some clogs.

  7. Aaron you must be in "thinking about kids" mode, because you can do all that stuff with your girlfriend/wife as well. I like how you just named 6 different things that would be awesome though... the point is, you can't pick wrong. And Europe lets you travel like crazy.

    You could also do Amsterdam and ride a beer bike and do legal drugs there. Whatever floats your boat. Which way are you leaning?

    If I were to throw in a concrete recommendation - Spain would be a good trip. You'd get some cultural isolation because it can feel pretty foreign (English is not as prevalent and most of the culture is less cosmopolitan than the rest of Europe). Plus you'll get a good gamut of different vibes from Madrid, Barcelona, the small-town Mediterranean coast, and Northern or Souther Spain should you go to either of those places.

  8. I was thinking the same Royce (about Aaron's completely random ideas); my immediate thought would be to try and do all of them in one vacation with pictures of each - imagine seeing one picture of me with Hungarian chicks all over me followed by the next with me in clogs in Denmark!

    I was thinking of Amsterdam as well - possibly a Paris/Amsterdam deal. However, it all might boil down to which place I get the best airfare deal. Currently using Airfare Watchdog and Bing Travel to find such deals.

  9. Now I'm also thinking a two city trip to South America: Rio and then Buenos Aires. Or, I've always wanted to go to Machu Picchu...hmmm.

    Damnit - why are there so many options! Anyone care to sponsor my traveling the world for a year?

  10. I'm going to Buenos Aires this Thanksgiving, should be exciting.

    Don't psych yourself out. There are no bad choices here. Whatever you choose will be awesome, and you'll be able to take another trip the next year, and the next year, and the next...

    Put up a new post when you decide!