ESPN's Fantasy Football Draft Manifesto

Matthew Berry's Draft Day Manifesto is now live on ESPN. Time to start mock drafting for the upcoming fantasy football season


  1. Who's excited? I've been considering strategy and mock drafting all week. In fact I have found that simply pondering the depth chart for all the teams can be informative

    For instance, did you realize that the Seattle RBs are being drafted super late, or that there is literally not WR from St Louis being drafted now that Donnie Avery is hurt...

  2. I wish I could be more excited; work blows when it comes to taking time away from things I'd rather be doing.

  3. I was more excited to learn that Yahoo is offering free live scoring than Bill Simmons would be if he was offered an NBA GM position.

    I feel like that was the only thing holding Yahoo back and allowing other sites a chance to compete. Now Yahoo and ESPN have a fantasy monopoly. That is, a monopoly on fantasy football, not a pretend economic status.

  4. How does one get a pretend economic status?

    I also am delighted that Yahoo! (how come you didn't include their '!' Aaron?) will be providing stat tracker for free this year. It always frustrated me that they teased me with it in week 1, and then viciously took it away from me the rest of the season.

  5. I too am pumped about free stat tracking. However, one huge thorn in my Yahoo! enthusiasm is the incredibly limited number of mock drafts that Yahoo! offers at any given time... I can never, EVER get into a room.

    And everyone knows if you want to play in a Y! league, you had better mock draft using Y! rankings so you know what to expect...

    What is pretend about an economic monopoly? Unless you meant the pretend money in a Monopoly economy?