Player X

ESPN the Magazine just debuted the first in a series by Player X, a current NFL star, who tries to explain the off the field lives of pro athletes. (ESPN Insider)


  1. I am definitely going to read this entire series, as this intrigues me much like Ross Tucker. It provides another, unique point of view for the NFL. I am actually concerned that a competing news outlet might attempt to identify Player X.

  2. This was a crazy good article. I like it more than Ross Tucker because he speaks more openly. His anonimity helps.

    On the other hand, I keep asking "who is this player?" All we know for sure at this point is that we can definitely rule out as the author Steve McNair, Ben Roethlisberger, and Rick Pitino...

    This quote actually surprised me:

    "While a recent CNN report said 80-90 percent of pro athletes cheat on their wives, I'd say it's closer to 30 percent."

    I'm excited to read future installments. PS - if you don't have Insider, this article is in the most recent ESPN the Magazine.

  3. Interesting...I wonder if he'll be sticking more to off-field issues; I hope not. I'm hoping to get insights into key plays/series/games throughout the season. But, I'm with you guys - bring the 2nd installment ASAP!

    PS - there's a new SG mailbag...

  4. Well I almost doubt he'd provide enough information for us to even identify the team he is on. And if he is completely open, then he might even be extra careful not telling stories that his teammates could identify as their team. Something like this could shake team chemistry, but it's ok as long as every player can think, "Oh, he's probably on another team."

  5. I was more looking for insights into the big plays/series/games of the week - not anything personal to his team, or any personal insights. More, from a player's perspective, this one block was HUGE type deal...just wishes...

  6. I agree, I would love for Player X to be a lineman or a linebacker, who can identify a great trap block, or a wide receiver blocking a safety, turning a 15 yard gain into a 50 yard TD.