NFL Predictions: NFC South

Next up for NFL preseason talk is the NFC South. We just did the NFC West, and you can see AFC discussion here.


  1. Aaron wrote:

    "The NFC South is wide open in a good way. Carolina, New Orleans, and Atlanta all have the necessary ingredients to make the playoffs. Those three should have good offenses in different ways and all three will have average defenses. Whoever plays the best defense will win the division, and I'll go with Atlanta.

    The Falcons have great balance with Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Roddy White and their defense will provide the balance to help them get through. They won't excel in any particular area, but they won't be lacking either.

    The Saints will ride the arm of Drew Brees until Reggie Bush learns to play in the NFL and the GM drafts a defense. In the meantime, they will be entertaining and competitive and will have to win a game or two they're not supposed to win to get into the playoffs.

    The Panthers will challenge the Vikings for the best running game in the NFL, but will be doing so with two great RBs instead of one Adrian Peterson. If the defense can play like it's 2006, then Carolina could go to the Super Bowl. More likely they finish with 7 wins as Jake Delhomme continues to decline and they look to the draft for their next QB.

    The Bucs have something like a three way battle at the QB position which will send this team to last place, even though the defense may be the best in the division. (Or the defense could be on the field so much they wear down towards ineffectiveness.)"

  2. I feel like the Panthers are going to be a big bust. Jake Delhomme is either going to bounce back after embarrassing himself in the playoffs, or he's going to crack immediately under pressure.

    The Falcons seem really good to me... Matt Ryan is only getting better, teams will be freaked about Michael Turner, and Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez are studs. That's a balanced and scary offense. I feel like they should win the division.

    The Saints on the other hand remind me of the Rams teams of a decade ago... tons of firepower through the air but little else going on. Maybe I'll be proven wrong but I can't name a single defensive player on that team.

    Come to think of it, are any of the defenses in this division good, other than the Bucs?

  3. The Saints have Scott Fujita...and after checking, Sedrick Ellis, Jonathan Vilma, and Darren Sharper may be able to make plays, but more likely they are either before or after their prime.

    The Falcons, Saints, and Panthers won't have a bad defense, but nothing to write home about. Whoever plays the best defense (top half in the NFL) wins the division.

  4. Don't the Panthers have a good defense? What about Julius Peppers rushing the pass?