Sports fans' inner child

I just spent the last the last 40 minutes reading Bill Simmons and reminiscing my baseball card collecting as a 6-10 year old.


  1. With my dad being in the Navy, I cheered for Frank Thomas on the White Sox, without establishing any loyalties. Once we moved to San Diego, I started getting serious about Major League Baseball. I received 3-4 complete sets from grandparents. One was a 100 card set including Tony Gwynn. Another was a 1992 Upper Deck complete set, that I opened and put every card in plastic, 9-card sheets, in order, in a binder. My 1991 Upper Deck complete set remains unopened. I knew back then to maintain the mint condition of the oldest set, at least. They sit in my garage waiting for my kids.

  2. I can never get into collecting or cards, because I just don't understand the disparity between admiring an object and putting it in a box in a garage because it's too perfect to touch. Even if it is an investment, is it worth the trouble you go to in order to protect it, and how good of an investment is it really after 30 years or whatever? Would you have made more money dumping that $100 in the stock market?

  3. For me it was never about the monetary was the anticipation of what I would get the next time I opened a pack. Would I get an All-Star or a rookie? Hell, would I get #43, because that was the only card I was missing from the 1-50?

    The same feeling applied later with Magic the Gathering, and now in my adult life, occasionally a scratcher, or other forms of betting Brian the Padres will finish with at least 60 wins.