NFL Predictions: NFC North

We previously covered the NFC West and NFC South. Now the NFC North is up.


  1. Aaron wrote:

    "I'm going to predict that the Packers win the NFC North. Aaron Rodgers is coming in to his own as an NFL QB, Ryan Grant is good enough to start on most teams in the NFL and he will still have competition with Brandon Jackson and Deshawn Wynn. Donald Diver and Greg Jennings will complete a formidable offense. Their defense has the capability of being in the top half of the league. This balance will keep them in every game, of which I say they win 10-11.

    The Vikings will have the best running game in the division, if not the NFL and their defense will be the better than Chicago and Green Bay, but Tavaris Jackson will make two too many mistakes and they will finish in second.

    The Bears defense is getting by on reputation now and will be great in Madden, but not in the real games. Jay Cutler will have great numbers and will receive a lot of attention for putting up Pro Bowl numbers without a stud receiver, but he will lose more games in Chicago this year than the 8 he lost in Denver last year.

    The Lions have no where to go but up, which actually gives them a lot of flexibility to do whatever they want with Matthew Stafford. In fact, that should be the title of their 2009 media guides: The Matthew Stafford Development Year."

  2. Agree that the Packers are the favorite here. My layman's opinion is that Aaron Rodgers is a stud QB - what's your take?

    I am going to enjoy watching Cutler with the Bears but don't think they'll win the division. Same for Adrian Peterson and the Vikings. The Lions should be entertaining cause every win will be like a playoff victory to them... plus Megatron (Calvin Johnson) is the BEST nickname in sports, bar none.

    I'm just sad with my draft position I'm not going to get him, so I can't excitedly yell Megatron! at my TV during the season...

  3. I think it's yet to be seen if Aaron Rodgers has earned the "stud QB" title. He is a good QB right now, and could put up great fantasy stats, but when I think "stud QB" I think of a guy who is capable of winning a game all on his own or putting up record-setting numbers. Right now I'd give that title to Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees, and Donovan McNabb. I'd put Rodgers in the second tier with Philip Rivers, Tony Romo, and Eli Manning.

  4. Do you think the Lions start Stafford right away and let him grow in a trial by fire? Or are they going to shelter him, considering how bad they are likely to get beaten this year?

  5. I'd say his performance in the pre-season games will determine whether he starts. It's not even a competition between him and Dante Culpepper. It's just whether or not he is ready for the speed of the game and can successfully complete passes without getting hit too much. That's a verbose way of saying he needs to figure out his timing. If he's scared of the rush, he will be throwing the ball too early, making it less likely to complete the pass. If he is 'thinking' and taking too long to make a decision and throw the ball, then holding on to the ball will lead to more sacks. Both of those are bad for the development of a young quarterback. If he can get his timing, there's no reason to further shelter him.