Jon Stewart, America's Most Trusted Newscaster

Entertainment Weekly's Mark Harris breaks down why he thinks Jon Stewart is America's most trusted newscaster, voted ahead of the anchors of the major network news shows


  1. I completely agree with America's vote on that Jon Stewart is the #1 guy I want to hear the news from. I can't really put my finger on the reason... I guess it's the combo of comedy and insight? He just seems sincere and you can see that he actively hates insincerity in our politicians and media.

    What's your take on him?

  2. Well I think he's trustworthy in that he's honest, both with the actual material and his self-perception. He does a pretty good job to avoid libel and slander, making it very obvious when he is being a comedian and using facts for his hilarious agenda.

    At the same time, it is disturbing that many young American us the Daily Show as their ONLY news source. It makes me wonder if they know when he is being factual and when he is not. I think the Daily Show is great as your PRIMARY news source, but not your only news source.