Okafor-Chandler Trade

The Charlotte Bobcats traded Emeka Okafor for Tyson Chandler of the New Orleans Hornets, does this improve both teams?

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  1. I'm in agreement with John Hollinger's ESPN Insider article that by doing this trade "the Hornets pulled off the rare feat of saving money while becoming a better team." In my observation, Okafor has a better low post game than he is given credit for, and should have received more touches. Chandler only scored off put backs and alley-oops from Chris Paul.

    Plus Okafor's yearly salary is about $1 million cheaper than Chandler - but his contract runs 3 years longer (5 years total left). So the Hornets get to add a 3rd banana behind Chris Paul and David West, potentially a good fit.

    Still, their roster is an empty cupboard after those guys - the next best player is Julian Wright, who probably wouldn't crack the starting 5 of most of the West's elite teams. They have to fix that problem if they really want to compete.