Death of Autotune

Jay-Z and I both dislike the popularity of autotune in hip hop today


  1. Also like Jay-Z, I like aggression in my rap music. And the over-singing and over-use of autotune is freaking mind-numbing these days. As seprate events, I was recently bemoaning autotune while liking this Jay-Z song - I'm tickled that the two are related.

    The little riff in this song is super catchy too

    I think that autotune might be making a full circle though... T-Pain, a notorious autotune abuser, recently appeared on a Lonely Island song alongside Andy Samberg. Poking fun at himself, his style?

  2. Then of course there is the popular radio song by T-Pain featuring Lil Wayne (a pioneer of autotune), Can't Believe It.

    Watching the video, you get the idea that the song and autotune is a parody of itself... especially when you get to Lil Wayne's section and his nonsensical speaking which is completely garbled by over-autotune. That has to be intentional parody, right?

  3. Just saw this video, and immediately thought of your post Royce - thought you'd enjoy it! :)

  4. Ha very nice Scott. I never get tired of the cats in boxes

    Jimmy Fallon did this autotune parody in his Emmys presentation last night... looks like autotune is on its deathbed

  5. hahahah - didn't see that last night; good sketch - always fun to see celebrities not being able to control their laughter (e.g. Steve Carell in your video)