Love of Excel

I prefer using Excel over a calculator, even for basic multiplication.


  1. Even to the point where instead of typing =169.83-122.9, I will type 169.83 in B2 and 122.9 in C2 and then in D2 type =B2*C2.

    Is this an indicator of my comfort with Excel or an indicator of habit of making things more complex than necessary?

  2. Aaron, for you it is the latter. I fire up my calculator about 20x a day for that basic stuff.

    On the other hand, I make Excel files of EVERYTHING - I mean, lists of books I want to read, music I want to download, wine tasting notes, restaurants to visit, etc etc. And I also make an Excel schedule of almost everything work-related, so that I can fire off little tables on our latest project's expenses at a moment's notice.

    I guess what I'm saying is that I'm also really comfortable in Excel. The only place I haven't taken it is to the macro level yet - do you macro things in Excel? It's the last frontier of complexity.

  3. No, but if it is the same programming level as the rest of Excel, I will get there eventually. If it is another step up, I may not.

  4. Do you use Excel for list-making, or just mathematics?

    Macros are scary because you can get really anal about them... like instead of re-using the same spreadsheet templates I always go back to, I could macro them and have data fill in for me. But creating that macro would be an engineering feat that might take me a while. I'm afraid to make the leap.