Tiger Woods' temper

A column by Rick Reilly on ESPN admonishes Tiger for his bad temper, saying it's immature.


  1. I didn't realize his temper was that much worse than other golfers, but if so then that is pretty disappointing. Here is a guy who shows as much grace as anyone when winning, too bad when he loses he isn't as classy.

    Do you think this is a big enough deal that people should care? Is it setting a bad example for kids? Is Reilly just being curmudgeonly?

  2. Yes this is a big deal, but not for the PGA, for his sponsors. The PGA has no obligation or incentive to tell him to calm down. However, his sponsors who pay him $100Million per year to be the face of their products care a great deal about his image. It is a little bit of a Catch-22. He gets paid a lot of money by sponsors because he is famous. A portion of his fame comes from the fact that companies put his image in commercials and on their products. Maybe not a Catch-22, rather a self-fulfilling spiral. Or his he just famous because of his athletic success?

    Honestly, it's not that he skips out on press conferences when he loses. He is allowed to be upset. It's the slamming clubs and cursing after a bad shot. Those are specific habits that kids will emulate and that is where I agree with Reilly that he needs to stop.

    "Think of the children!!"

  3. I agree it's a bad example. I think everything you say should be a point of emphasis for the tour though - on the other hand, do they risk pissing off their main attraction?

    From Tiger's perspective, why do you think he doesn't stop? Just hasn't made the effort, or actually has a temper issue, or what?