7 Habits of Highly Effective Slackers

I found this article by Dudley B. Dawson (good name) funny and accurate in many ways. I love how he lionizes the talent and contributions of slacker employees.

The seven habits of highly effective slackers

Do you practice any of these methods? Cause I sure do...


  1. He also has a good companion piece, Top Eight Methods for Sneaking Out of Work. I absolutely use several of these:


  2. Since my post made you catatonic, let me reproduce my favorite 2 items from his article:

    "3. Never inform people that you finish things early. Delivering on time is just as good. There's no reason to be over ambitious. Getting things done early is highly recommended but only for your own advantage.
    When you find out they just gave you three days on an item you already completed, it is highly imperative to keep your mouth shut. Finding out you just received three days to do absolutely nothing is like waking up on Christmas morning as a child and finding Nintendo's Rad Racer under the tree.

    6. Never allow others to take credit for your work. Go-getters and other related types of employees love to take credit for other people's work. As an incredibly lazy member of your office, you need to ensure that all of your work is credited to you.
    To prevent go-getters from taking credit for your work, CAP them. Sending a threatening email in all caps is enough to scare most corporate employees from bad behavior."