Reading in the bathroom

I think we should go down this road, if for nothing else, to get Scott's take out there for all the world to know.


  1. Royce Hadden said...

    This could go in about 12 different directions right now. Is it okay if I take off on a bathroom stall reading material rant?

    Do you take printed materials in there? Simmons would be great for it, but I don't want to print it. I usually bring a magazine of my own (Motor Trend, Nat'l Geographic) or my iPod. There are no previously viewed reading materials in our bathroom, and even if there were I'd be weird about grabbing a used one... is that weird of me?

  2. I initially based my judgement of Bill Simmons popularity on the fact that he is the ONLY writer whose material I have found in a men's room stall. And it has happened on more than one occasion. Michael Lewis and Malcolm Gladwell are great, but they're not "found a printed column in the men's room stall" great.

    Now, I usually read something on my iPhone. and both have great mobile sites that are easily navigated, include all the text, but eliminate pictures for faster loading.

    Scott, what do you like to read?

  3. What kind of places did you work where Simmons was in the stall?

    I think you can tell a lot about a workplace by its stall reading material. You haven't seen Lewis in your offices, but I bet in fancy offices in Manhattan you see more Lewis than Simmons. Capitol Hill stalls might have more Gladwell. Maybe some topical political blogs are in there too.

    What's the best match of a famous stall and author? Lonely Planet's guide to Argentina in Gov. Sanford's stall...?

  4. it's probably an age thing...most of the men in both offices were in their 20's

    How about Mike Dunleavy reading Bill Simmons in the stall?

    Ron Artest bringing Michael Jackson lyrics? (or does he not read?...maybe he brings his ipod)

    Britney Spears reading "What to Expect When You're Expecting"




  6. Haha, Dunleavy reading Simmons is great

    If Ron Artest is reading printed works, I am guessing it is Curious George

    Mik! Snap out of your coma! Give us a match of stall reading material and its reader

  7. Last night I was at a restaurant that had black toilets in the bathroom. They were exactly the same as all other toilets, except instead of white, they were black. I felt like it was the cheapest way to instantly look high class.