Gilbert Arenas, the new Ron Artest

I always knew Gilbert Arenas was eccentric. But his most recent comments about his injury and the Wizards' treatment of him makes me think he's just downright crazy. The defining quote is "sometimes you have to protect players from themselves" - he regrets his decision to play and wishes the Wizards hadn't let him do it. He has one foot into Bill Simmons' Tyson Zone in my mind, just like Ron Artest riding a team bus in his underwear just before a playoff game.

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  1. By the way, he's been training with Tim Grover, who used to be Jordan's trainer and more recently D-Wade's. Of course Grover also worked with McGrady so his track record isn't perfect.

    I also loved this quote from Arenas - "All-Star's not my goal. I never wanted to be an All-Star. All-Star is the 24 hottest players at that time. All-League? That's my goal," Arenas told the newspaper. "All-League is only 15 players. So All-League and to play as many games as possible. That's it."

    I love that he does the math for us - 15 is fewer than 24, that means it's better, I want to be in that group!